Dog trainer rallies the Mr Bronx supporters

mr bronx
Mr Bronx

A DOG trainer who once had her own show on Channel 4 has again called on her 292,000 online followers to continue fighting to save a Jersey dog after an Island court deemed it was a pitbull – leaving its life in the balance.

Victoria Stilwell, who has previously voiced her concerns on social media about the case of Mr Bronx, wrote on Facebook this week: ‘We must make it known to the Jersey authorities that we will not stop fighting for his freedom.’

Last month the Petty Debts Court deemed Mr Bronx to be a pitbull terrier type – which it is illegal to import into the Island.

Customs officers and Home Affairs Minister Kristina Moore will now decide the dog’s future and could ultimately grant the family a licence or order the pet to be destroyed.

Following the court’s decision, an online petition calling on Deputy Moore to save Mr Bronx was set up. It has now received more than 4,800 signatures.




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Comments for: "Dog trainer rallies the Mr Bronx supporters"

Happy Days

No person should be allowed to put down a perfectly healthy dog. Mr Bronx should be with his family and be granted a licence without delay. There are worse matters in the world to be bothered for without causing further unnecessary stress. Come on States of Jersey, let Mr Bronx have a good life and Christmas at home!


Not into dogs myself ..but this one does not look very threatning


For goodness sake,let this poor animal back with his family....Since being locked up,He has shown no sign of aggression to his keepers.........States of Jersey...For once do the right thing.!

Mickey Mouth

Hopefully the owners and others will think twice about bringing a banned breed into the island in future. This dogs fate entirely of their making.