Flybe called to account for ‘inferior’ island service


AIRLINE Flybe has been summoned to an urgent meeting with the Economic Development Minister following concerns about the quality of its inter-island service.

Since the Blue Islands and Flybe franchise partnership went live at the start of June, passengers – many of them members of the Channel Islands’ business community and regular users of the service – have become increasingly frustrated about delays, technical faults and scheduling issues.

This week alone on the Jersey–Guernsey route there were numerous delays on Tuesday – the hottest day of the year – with people reporting arriving at noon for morning meetings and sitting delayed on a plane while temperatures outside soared. And yesterday the 9.10 am arrival from Guernsey and the subsequent return were both cancelled.

Regular users of the service have also raised concerns about a lack of scheduled flights at peak times, such as mornings and evenings, and the high cost of flights on the Jersey–Guernsey route.

Read the full story in this weekend's JEP.




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Comments for: "Flybe called to account for ‘inferior’ island service"

jersey man

PLEASE lower the flights, they are so expensive.. Or let another airline operate from Bristol flights from Bristol return are almost £200 each is totally crazy...


Amazing ..... Condor do this on a regular basis and get away with it. The skies are full of planes and delays are inevitable but Condor have the hear our to themselves and are still late, have technical issues all the time and a horrendously changing timetable. At least there is competition on the air routes, that's exactly what we need on the sea routes!!!

Island Strife

Never mind Cndor mate. The story is about the awful service Flybe provide. I'm just surprised that they haven't been called to account for all their other delays and cancellations. Or why Chanel 103 regularly give the delayed reason as "operational reasons" when they do the travel report every day on the radio - why is this ?

They never give any excuses for other airline issues, so why do Flybe get ther excuses for being late or cancelled broadcast every day ?

Operational reason my arse - just means if they call it that, they don't have to compensate passengers - a disgraceful play on words that blatantly exploits local passengers dependence on air travel.

A disgrace.


Anyone from the States calling an independent operator to account for the quality of service is, I am afraid, like the pot calling the kettle black.

I am no Flybe apologist and it may seem like the fares are high but think back to the eighties when a return air fare to LGW (economy seat) could quite easily get to £200 which, if you look at the comparative cost of a transatlantic flight then, made it really expensive. Count in inflation, the cost of fuel being higher now, handling charges, airport fees (let's not get started on that right now) as well as wages going up and the current level starts to look reasonable.

We have gotten used to air fares being quite low for a few years now and depending what happens post Brexit it may be that fares will have to rise to maintain the existence of the providers.

Also, Flybe's performance may leave a bit to be desired but if they were to pull out we may well be faced with the same scenario as Condor in that nobody else will want to do it.

If you want a more reliable service and let's face it the weather doesn't help matters then instead of £65 million on a fancy new lawn outside departures put in a runway extension to enable true all weather operations. Not much good having a fancy arrivals hall if no-one gets to see it.

The island is just that, an island. If you don't want to be reliant on independent operators for good communications then how about the States dipping their hand in their own pocket and setting up an operation themselves. It was muted in the very late eighties that the States set up their own airline but nothing every came of it. The trouble is there is not enough money because the people who want the efficient service (big business) probably have really good accountants and don't actually pay much, if anything, to the States coffers. That and some pesky rule about nations not being allowed to subsidise their own airline but it has not stopped the Italians.

Despite the persistent claims back in the day that Jersey was a "special case" on the subject of air connections it most definitely is not. It is just one point on a route network. One day Exeter may suffer delays the next it may be Glasgow, Jersey just happens to take it's turn like the rest.

By all means ask the questions but if you press too hard you might not like the answer you ultimately get.

Off for a drink now.

Jersey girl 1983

It is the landing changes being so expensive that stops airlines wanting routes here and bumping up the prices. Whoever sets those costs needs to take a good look at the damage they are going to the industry. Being a 'rock' shouldn't be a license to being held to ransom on when/how we can travel away.


'the cost of fuel being higher now'. Nothing like distorting the facts to suit an argument. Fuel prices are half what they were.

Finding Me:Mo

FlyBe have dragged BlueIslands into the performance gutter.I will never fly with them again.

The London City connection used to be great but now is operated on a commercial whim.

In the third week of May they cancelled without notice three of the four early afternoon flights to Jersey without notice.You should try spending seven hours at LC it is a congested hell. Eventually when we did get onto the later delayed flight we were surrounded by disgruntled customers who also had either only got cancellation at the airport that day or worse were from the previous day.

A letter of complaint went unanswered , but clearly the copy sent to Trading Standards was added to a pile.


Old trick that one. When you havent got many passengers for a flight you cancel it for 'technical reasons' and then add the passengers to a later flight.


After the courts decided in 2014 that technical was not a reason outside the airlines control that excuse should have stopped. Now all Blue Islands have to fall back on is the non-eu get out. Well if they don't want to play on a level playing field then they should leave the field.

Finding Me:Mo

That didn't apply to a delay coming from an EU airport, so they just ignore it!


this is why the average person calls Jersey "the Rock", because you cant escape from it either by sea or air.

Jersey girl 1983

I've refused to use them for years, shocking service and disgustingly overpriced. However, as with Condor, people are happy to complain but still use the services, vote with your feet and then something will get done when they arent making any money. Oh and before the troll comments start I travel numerous times a year and manage perfectly without having to use Flybe, unfortunately I'll now have to look at alternatives because I will no longer use Blue Islands now they have sold out to this good for nothing company.


All FlyBe have to do is quote ConnedOr they'll get away with it !!!

karaoke joe

So the economic minster has what clout exactly ?. What is he going to do about the many complaints fine the company ?. I shall look forward to what he can do.


I used to use this route all the time when Aurigny and Blue Islands operated it. They both had decent fares and good service. Now only Flybe/Blue Islands operates it, the fares have shot up and on-time arrivals have shot down. Last time I used the service, I paid £120 per way (for two people)!


Have to say, I have been using Flybe regularly for the last ten months and found a totally different service to the bad name they had before.

My first flight (4 legs) had the last one returned to Soton, but Flybe were handing out compensation advice leaflets when we got off. Full compensation was no problem.

Since then, many flights and FlyBe always seem eager to get there ahead of time.

Unfortunately they have adopted the black sheep Blue Islands, who frequently cancel flights when it doesn't suit them, then hide behind their non-EU domicile to dodge compensation. They offer no alternative to canceled flights. They even sent me a letter refusing compensation and 'hope it won't affect me flying with Blue Islands in the future.' Er, downright arrogance or inept stupidity.


Not sure why this is a surprise to anyone - flymaybe were hopeless before and still are, the airline has just stood still where others have moved on... In terms of what will be done, nothing as they are pretty powerless