Jersey to be medicinal cannabis hub


Earlier this year the Jamaican Medicinal Cannabis Corporation launched a joint venture with local producers Green Island Growers Ltd, which operates in St Lawrence, to establish a ‘state-of-the-art’ distribution facility in Jersey to supply UK and European markets.

The Toronto-based firm has now announced a further deal with LYPHE Group Limited, which supports more than 60% of the British patient market, to distribute medical cannabis throughout the UK and to its own clinic in Jersey and said that distribution from the Island could start within weeks.

‘JMCC’s sustainable, greenhouse-grown products will be shipped from JMCC’s cultivation and processing facilities in Jamaica to its new, state-of-the-art distribution centre on the Channel Island of Jersey and on to LYPHE Group’s dispensing arm, Dispensary Green, for distribution to its UK patients,’ a statement says.

‘LYPHE Group will also distribute JMCC products to patients through its clinic in Jersey.’

Both JMCC and LYPHE are partners in Project Twenty21, a patient registry that is researching the usage of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

JMCC chief executive Diane Scott said: ‘At the core of JMCC’s philosophy is ensuring the highest possible quality and a reliable, seamless experience for patients.

‘We’re delighted that our newest partner is one that is so well positioned to help ensure that patients across the UK will receive that seamless, consistent experience with JMCC medical cannabis products.’

‘We believe we’re putting JMCC’s products – and the patients who will be using them – into very good hands.’

LYPHE group managing director Jonathan Nadler said that patients were looking for ‘naturally grown and sustainably produced’ products.

‘While patients in the UK are continuing to struggle with both access to and affordability of medical cannabis, they’re also becoming increasingly knowledgeable and demanding about safety, quality and consistency,’ he said.

Green Island’s website says that it currently holds a licence to cultivate hemp and is applying for a cannabis-cultivation licence. It adds that a 10,000sq-ft indoor facility is to be used, along with a 30,000sq-ft glasshouse for growing in line with ‘good agricultural and collecting practices’.


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