The States bid Dean farewell

The Dean, the Very Rev Bob Key

TRIBUTES were paid to the Dean in the States Chamber yesterday during his last sitting before he leaves the role and returns to the UK.

The Very Rev Bob Key is leaving the Island after 11½ years to become part of a team developing a new strategy for mission and evangelism for the diocese of Bath and Wells.

And yesterday, after speeches from the Deputy Bailiff Tim Le Cocq and St Clement Constable Len Norman thanking Mr Key for his service, the Dean delivered his final address to the Assembly.

Mr Key said: ‘God bless this Assembly and this Island in all the years to come.

‘I want to thank the Members who have been such good friends – the conversations in the coffee room, the conversations over lunches or shared glasses of wine. It has been an immense privilege to serve as Her Majesty’s Dean.

‘I am also aware that people have quietly and unobtrusively, in moments of difficulty or joy, sought a conversation and generously shared of themselves with me. I also want to say that that has been a two-way street.’




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Comments for: "The States bid Dean farewell"


Dear Reverend Bob is off to promote evangelism in Bath and Wells. I hope that the wonderful cathedral in Bath, will not fall victim to the policy of certain of his evangelist minded curates in Jersey of ripping out ancient pews for soft furnishings and creating cafes or eateries within some of the most important medieval buildings in our Island, when there are Parish Halls close by with all facilities, including toilets. Evangelism has a place, but not when it comes to destroying ancient buildings, which are excluded from planning regulations, under the Jersey Canon law, of which Bob was the final arbiter.

Judge Judy

More speeches more dressing up and Jersey Canon law needs either scrapped or seriously updated...I actually thought he had left the island already.


Thanks to the grace of God, the speeches have blessed him with extremely powerful chin muscles.

Finding Me:Mo

in some respects it's a shame that this historical position has passed away into the history books . But the positives of so much money saved by the people of Jersey and the application of modern thought processes far surpasses the late Iron Age practices.


Goodbye and good riddance.

constables out

Too much of the communion wine by the colour of his face!


Does that also account for the colour of his lips, or is that actually lipstick?


and some big dinners paid by the tax payers. How much did he earn sitting unelected in the States chamber? However, I am sure being an good Christian all this money has been used to help the needy and starving in the world.

Tim South

It is about time a religious faith lobbyist was removed completely from the Government assembly benches, and one wishes Bob a new a happy life in his new job in the UK.

All we need is the treasury Minister Alan Maclean to wish the Rev well and announce the States have been prudent and will no longer be paying £25,000 a year to the vacant religious position which will not now be filled. If it is filled it will be a voluntary position like the people trying to help the refugees.

This money could then go to cover the £15 that Eddie Noel wants to charge disabled people to acquire a free bus pass or help the poor using food banks in Jersey.


A voluntary position; now there's a thought. Wasn't States membership voluntary in the good old days? It seemed to work so much better then. Perhaps that could be put to them for consideration. I'm fairly sure that the States members pocket an awful lot more in salaries than the Dean, and look how many parishes he has to care for. That's what you call an 'Island wide mandate'.