Call for Finance Centre objections

Now, the action group – led by former Deputy Sean Power – is encouraging Islanders to register their objections to the latest set of plans.

LOBBYISTS are continuing to campaign against the Jersey Development Company’s Esplanade office project and are calling on Islanders to submit 500 formal objections to the organisation’s latest planning application.

The company recently submitted proposals for the next building of the Jersey International Finance Centre, which is being built on the Esplanade car park.

One unit of the six-office scheme is nearing completion, tenants have also signed up to take space in the second building in the complex and the JDC has now applied for permission to create the third building, known as Building 6, at the site. Despite sustained criticism from rival developers and the St Helier Waterfront Action Group, the JDC says that interest from potential tenants is high, with a spike in inquiries following last year’s Brexit vote.

So far Swiss firm UBS, multinational bank BNP Paribas and financial services company Sanne Group have signed deals to lease space in the first two buildings of the project. Four more Jersey companies are understood to be in negotiations for space in the first unit.



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