Call for Finance Centre objections

Now, the action group – led by former Deputy Sean Power – is encouraging Islanders to register their objections to the latest set of plans.

LOBBYISTS are continuing to campaign against the Jersey Development Company’s Esplanade office project and are calling on Islanders to submit 500 formal objections to the organisation’s latest planning application.

The company recently submitted proposals for the next building of the Jersey International Finance Centre, which is being built on the Esplanade car park.

One unit of the six-office scheme is nearing completion, tenants have also signed up to take space in the second building in the complex and the JDC has now applied for permission to create the third building, known as Building 6, at the site. Despite sustained criticism from rival developers and the St Helier Waterfront Action Group, the JDC says that interest from potential tenants is high, with a spike in inquiries following last year’s Brexit vote.

So far Swiss firm UBS, multinational bank BNP Paribas and financial services company Sanne Group have signed deals to lease space in the first two buildings of the project. Four more Jersey companies are understood to be in negotiations for space in the first unit.



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Comments for: "Call for Finance Centre objections"


Looks like Sean Power's secret development backers are getting very nervous.


Why submit plans for a third building when the first two aren't even full yet?


I thought the buildings had to be filled with 'new' tenants that do not already have a presence on island. What will happen to the old offices of UBS, BNP, Sanne an any other Institution that moves from one location in Jersey to the Finance Centre.

What's actually happening is a reshuffle of the offices of current players in Jersey not new organisations coming to the islands.....Empty promises.......


That's exactly what I thought when then plans first come to surface. There's no new business, that was BS, all the are doing is relocating all office mid to north town, down the financial district of st.helier. We've getting our own square mile. Former offices will (and probably have been) handed to dandara to produce more rabbit hutches for people to live in, with their show room of 'shire' furniture and excellent use of mirrors. You can fill in the other blanks. Going off subject, will more immigrants arriving monthly, the government always wanted this because it drives up rental prices. You don't need to have attended registration at the London school of economics to see or understand this. Funny how FOI doesn't currently apply to any states own business. Hmmm I wonder why?


doesn't matter what you vote for they go ahead anyway as they have the power to do so - why do they bother to ask us then?


I’m sick of Sean Power and his other handful of vocal opposes spreading so much bullsh1t about this development. Does he not realise that large financial institutions are no longer prepared to operate from 2 or 3 different (outdated) offices dotted around St Helier.

Has he not noticed that most large finance organisations have already moved to the Esplanade area to be in better quality offices. They’ve moved because they desire better office surroundings. And frankly, it’s our land. I don’t want to be selling it off cheap to the island’s only developer. I want us (we tax payers) to benefit from the funds, not an off-island developer.

Sean Power should be ashamed that he has allowed some of the terrible accusations posted on the StHelier Waterfront Action FB page about UBS and BNP Paribas. These companies have invested in Jersey and employ Jersey people. They pay tax and invest in our economy. Some of the FB postings are disgraceful.

Hang your heads in shame St Helier Waterfront Action Group. If these organisations up sticks and leave the island, who will employ the hundreds of people left here without jobs?

Mickey Mouth

Totally agree Wiseowl. Sick and tired of this development being attacked by those with a vested interest. Having good quality office space can only benefit our chances of competing with other finance centres around the world.


ask the feathered birds how they felt when they took away their homes to make way for these amazingly designed and so aesthetically looking building. Errrr. what did we used to play with as's make a square lego building made out of glass. Can't wait for the buildings to blind the hell out of drivers along victoria avenue while the sun sets.


forgot there's such a huge correlation between an increase in financial bods' brains with moving to different office. It's all about the office isn't it. You really are goofy!!!!

Mickey Mouth

You really are an odd individual with a loosening grip on lucidity.

Squawkie L Pelican

When this development is a success, will Sean Power resign? or will he start melting?

No Axe to Grind

The Sanne Group are getting an unbelievable 3 YEARS' rent free period. The industry standard is 12 months. Anything more and you are buying your tenant.

Whatever you may think of Mr Power, this development and all the political lying, vested interests etc is a disgrace to this Island. This may yet provoke an election disaster for the COM politicians and then we are faced with an uncertainty that the banks and major players will find alarming.

What ever happened to scrutiny? Without a credible "opposition" we look pretty inept - because we are. I had high hopes of John Le Fondre. Come on John!

Sorry Wiseowl; you are out of your depth. Independent tax-paying developers can provide all the modern offices the island needs. The States should get out of business and competing with the private sector. You seem to forget that all the professional surveyors (except one conflicted firm) got together to state that the island did not need the States waterfront office developments.


I work in a new building on the esplanade and it is brilliant .... My old place had 80's decor and peeling paint....wise owl is right if you ask someone with a vested interest in working in a decent office and fair play to my place for spending shed loads to get it up and running. Frankly the battle to keep st helier as a picturesque town was lost 30 years ago so people just need to get over it....


Peeling paint, how disgraceful, how ever did you manage to get through you day at your old office. So glad you have been re homed to nicer surroundings. So obviously with your new desk and closer to the sea, has your performance increased to improve profits for the company, or are you lawrence Llewellyn in disguise. Moving to an office is used by companies, in a very sly way. See how harder they will be on to you and your colleagues over the next 2 years. Then you'll see what a nice environment you work in.

Mickey Mouth

Are you suggesting that moving to a new office is a catalyst for an employer to drive their work force harder? Stronger pills required is my diagnosis.


This little man Power is only after one thing....your vote in the next elections!

make as much noise as he can to get re elected!



Many large financial institutions like HSBC or Lloyds ( to name just two ) regularly down size their staff numbers, not increase staff numbers under one roof. It is also interesting that attracting new business to Jersey was the aim of the new JIFC as pointed out by Senator Ozouf several times, but this appears forgotten, as SoJDC try desperately to rent out space that has been built but not let again competing with tax paying, risk taking private developers.

You mention the only developer being Dandara, therefore Camerons, Antler and ROK developers are obviously invisible to you.

Have a quick look at the financial return to states coffers over the last couple of decades from WEB now morphed into SoJDC. The returns to the tax man are zero and to the States by way of a dividend are seriously pathetic. Yet they are given a car park worth according to TTS executives around £16 million for £1. Which earned £860,000 a year now lost from States income.

Finally, if they were a respectable proper stand up stand alone business they would be paying the going price for the publics property but they don't. Sean Power and the Waterfront Action Group together with Save our Shoreline ( SoS ) are doing an excellent job and are only going to get stronger fuelled by the publics growing discontent.