Thousands of hens are kept inside as bird flu precaution

Allan McCaffrey, owner of Happy Hens, is following UK guidelines to guard against an outbreak of the virus. Picture: ROB CURRIE (17116763)

AROUND 6,000 hens at one of Jersey’s largest free-range egg farms are being kept inside following outbreaks of bird flu in the UK.

The birds at the Happy Hens farm in Grouville will be kept inside as a precaution in response to UK government warnings about the potential for further cases this year.

Allan McCaffrey, owner of Happy Hens, said that he had taken the decision to follow the UK guidelines.

As well as outbreaks in the UK, hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese will be culled in France after 95 cases of the virus were reported.

The virus has also affected other parts of Europe where thousands of farmed birds have been slaughtered following outbreaks.

Mr McCaffrey said: ‘I am just shadowing what the UK is doing. The difference is we don’t have anywhere in the Island that has been affected.'

Full report in Tuesday's JEP.



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