Bishop defiant over Dean investigation

New bishop of Winchester
The Bishop of Winchester, the Right Rev Timothy Dakin

THE bishop who suspended the Dean in 2013 over his handling of an investigation into an accusation of sexual misconduct made by a vulnerable woman remains adamant that she did not receive justice.

Within two hours of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, issuing an unequivocal public apology to Mr Key, and his wife Daphne, late on Thursday afternoon, the Bishop of Winchester, the Right Rev Tim Dakin, issued a statement saying that he had also made an apology this week – but to the woman who made the complaint.

He also said that further investigations into the Church of England in Jersey have confirmed his view that, regardless of the findings of an independent inquiry into the matter by judge Dame Heather Steel, which has been reported to have exonerated Mr Key and the Anglican Church in Jersey of any blame, he maintains that the matter was mishandled.




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Comments for: "Bishop defiant over Dean investigation"

loaf tenant clumpo and his dog

ROMANIS EUNT DOMUS..... conjugate the verb


It looks like Dakin will be the only man to come out of this with honour. And as for Steel. Her bias is beyond question.


Religion has caused more suffering and death than any other entity. An anachronism that should be abolished. As for the dean .. well, nothing about him would surprise me. All part of the club, so no-one can do any wrong or be accountable.

loaf tenant clumpo and his dog

i ONLY SAID...... that'a a lovely bit of haddock, fit for joe hoover

Squawkie L Pelican

There will be a day when you people are found out for the frauds you are.

2000 years of made up silly nonsense.

loaf tenant clumpo and his dog

silly nonsense??? was it you that trampled my juniper bushes?


The report should now be published, as requested by the Judge. The Bishop of Winchester does not accept its findings, despite an apology from the Archbishop of Canterbury, who does. Therefore it is now essential that it is published in the public interest.

constables out

Recent drama on ITV called "secrets" true story from Ireland shows to me anyhow why I do not believe in any religion as it is manipulated to serve whatever you want it to be. Shame Bob Hill is not well as he had the full grip of this sad story.


Re: Constables Out

Yes. We need Bob. Sad he is so ill. Wishing him all the best. Exemplary public servant.

Re: Realist

Can you substantiate your statement that the Archbishop fully accepts Steel and that she exonerates the Dean?


Thoughts are with Bill and family.

No, I can't substantiate anything other than the Archbishop of Canterbury has apparently given an unequivocal public apology to Mr Key, and his wife Daphne, as reported in the article above and the bishop concerned, is at odds with that apology. Presumably the Archbishop has acted in the light of the Steel Report, which so far has not been released and now should be, in the public interest. I have no pre conceived opinion other that there should be full transparency.You claim, "it looks like Dakin will be the only man to come out of this with honour. And as for Steel. Her bias is beyond question." Have you had access to the report? What is the basis for your claim that the Judge was biased beyond question?


Bob has reported extensively on his dealings with Steel and he found her biased against HG and unprofessional in not providing a promised transcript of their meeting. Pressure from people like Bailhache for publication is also an indication to me that they are aware the report suits their version of events.

It is difficult to see the Archbishop making an unequivocal apology to the Dean for anything more than Dakin's rash attempt to sack him. Both Bishops Dakin and Gladwyn are satisfied that HG was not justly treated.

I have no difficulty with tranparency provided the glass is not coloured.

King of Kings

irlol aka Polo is an Irish Syvret Troll who is forever writing lies and hatred against Jersey online so take this Troll's views with a large pinch of salt.

King of Kings

Bob Hill owes the Dean an apology end of.


Why does Bob Hill owe the Dean an apology? What did he say that would require one?

Considering that the Dean fully admitted that he handled the abuse investigation very badly, Its clear to anyone that the church screwed up and is still, like always, covering for the abuse that happens under its care.

ol' timer

Well said Tim Dakin! At least one of these clerics knows right from wrong


Re: King of Kings

It doesn't take long for you guys to come out of the woodwork. Skip the ad hominem and deal with the substance.

King of Kings

Stop writing untruths and hatred about our Island and go back to the rock you scurried from.

You're are nothing but a Troll.