First Bailiff’s Covid-19 Awards honour 45 for their contribution

THE six Jersey people named in the New Year’s Honours list are not the only ones whose special efforts are being recognised today.

The Bailiff Timothy Le Cocq. Picture: DAVID FERGUSON. (29867248)
The Bailiff Timothy Le Cocq. Picture: DAVID FERGUSON. (29867248)

A new set of awards, the Bailiff’s Covid-19 Awards, have been established to mark the contribution of individuals and organisations for their work and commitment during the early part of the coronavirus pandemic.

And they range from those running testing facilities or delivering PPE across the Island to the man providing free ice cream to weary hospital staff.

A total of 110 submissions were received by the Bailiff’s Chambers when the new awards were first announced in August.

Each submission was considered and 45 people or groups were chosen to receive an award.

There are 17 recipients of the Bailiff’s Award, a gold duplicate of the Bailiff’s seal marking an exceptional contribution to the community, while another 28 received the Bailiff’s citation, a certificate to recognise their special efforts.

Many of them went to government employees but others went to charities, community and volunteer groups, parishes, companies and individuals.

The awards will be formally presented in 2021 as soon as restrictions on public gatherings can be lifted.

The Bailiff, Timothy Le Cocq, said: ‘Often it was a real challenge to encapsulate all that the recipients had done in a citation of a few lines.

‘Among the 45 recipients are excellent examples of community spirit that we can look to for inspiration.

‘Following our request to submit individual names and teams for recognition it was a great pleasure to see so many responses. These awards recognise the work of so many across our community.’

He added: ‘So many people have worked so hard that it was difficult to make a choice, and the choices that we have made are well deserving of recognition for exceptional work during the pandemic.

‘It is perhaps invidious to single people out but perhaps we can be forgiven for mentioning Samuel Moore, a student at Victoria College, who did many charitable acts during the lockdown, and nurse Gillian Mallet, who demonstrated exceptional leadership in running the Harbour testing facility.

‘These are just two of the 45 and there could have been many more. I am sure Islanders will think of other names that would have been worthy recipients.

‘Covid-19 continues to test our community, but with individuals such as those recognised with these awards, we are a stronger and safer community. We have a community to be proud of.’


  • Shirley Baudains: For making more than 400 reusable fabric face masks for vulnerable patients, colleagues and staff at the Jersey General Hospital.

  • Brighter Futures Leadership Team: For continued wellbeing and mental-health support to the community.

  • Kate Briden, Government of Jersey: For providing leadership and guidance to staff and helping colleagues to set up new arrangements.

  • Coronavirus Helpline Team, Government of Jersey: For quickly establishing a frontline phone service to answer all coronavirus questions and concerns.

  • Vicki Charlesworth, Government of Jersey: For showing determination, empathy and tireless commitment leading schools.

  • Malcolm Ferey, Citizens’ Advice: For co-ordinating the Community Taskforce to support Islanders disadvantaged during the pandemic.

  • Allison Mills, Government of Jersey: For leading the Airport Covid testing facility.

  • Gillian Mallet, Government of Jersey: For leading the team at the Harbour Covid testing facility.

  • Alison de Bourcier, Government of Jersey: For creating and bringing in the contact-tracing process for Jersey.

  • Beverley Edwards, Government of Jersey: For leading on health and social care informatics, providing information for the government and general public.

  • Edward Jewell, Government of Jersey: For providing a library service to the Island under pandemic conditions.

  • Work & Family Hub, Government of Jersey: For continued service to families and vulnerable individuals throughout the pandemic.

  • Youth Work staff team, Government of Jersey: For continuing the service to children and young people throughout the pandemic.

  • Damon Snowdon: For exceptional service to elderly people through Age Concern.

  • Alice and Richard Nunn: For supporting disadvantaged families and individuals by setting up a food bank.

  • Andrea Ghisoi: For exceptional service to the Romanian community.

  • Samuel Moore, Victoria College School: For different charitable acts, including producing face coverings and raising money for charity.


  • Joanne Currie, Government of Jersey: For ensuring senior officials were informed of the risk and other issues developing across government.

  • Angie Falle, Rotary Club of Jersey: For exceptional enthusiasm and compassion towards elderly people.

  • Tracey Goodwin, Alliance Supermarket: For a professional and caring attitude towards customers and keeping the shop open and running smoothly.

  • Liz Gibaut: For caring for elderly people with no immediate family.

  • The Hollies Day Centre, Gorey: For exceptional dedication, commitment and service to the public during lockdown.

  • Heather McManus, Government of Jersey: For helping families and individuals access vital services including emergency accommodation, food banks and financial assistance.

  • Philip Le Claire: For serving the Island by providing music over social media every evening and during the day in the spring and summer.

  • Lucy Nicolaou, The Listening Lounge: For keeping the service open for 12 hours a day throughout lockdown.

  • Jenny O’Brien, Government of Jersey: For providing vital communications for the Community Taskforce.

  • Claire O’Connell: For setting up a Facebook page to direct goodwill gestures and enable people to donate simple items to those in need.

  • Danny Scaife, Rob Beaumont and Paul Battrick: All for ensuring balanced, consistent and resourced honorary policing during the pandemic.

  • St Helier Parish Community Services Team: For serving the parish during a time of high demand on services.

  • St Martin’s Food Bank: For providing food packages for those in need with a warm and selfless approach by all volunteers.

  • Stuart Young: For offering free ice cream to health workers during the pandemic.

  • Maria Le Tiec and Sarah-Louise Stubbs, Ports of Jersey: Both for demonstrating excellent customer service during pandemic conditions.

  • Bernard Place, Dr Chris Edmond, Deidra Ahier, Sue Short and Nathan Wright, Government of Jersey: All for ensuring safe, fast distribution of PPE to vital services including frontline health workers.

  • Shona Ringsdore, parish of St Saviour: For leading the parish community support group that helped parishioners.

  • Simon Soar, chief executive of Jersey Hospitality Association: For leadership, communication, adaptability and compassion that have supported the livelihoods of several thousand families.

  • Sergeant Paul Smith, States of Jersey Police: For acting as the conduit between the Government of Jersey ‘One Gov Covid team’ and the States of Jersey Police.

  • Lynn Bouchard, St John Ambulance: For leadership, commitment and dedication as a PPE trainer and leader of the SJA antibody testing centre.

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