Beware when putting up a wasp trap – you might attract Asian hornets, public warned

ISLANDERS putting up wasp traps should be aware they might attract more than they bargained for, Jersey’s Asian hornet co-ordinator has said.


Alastair Christie explained: ‘If people are putting out wasp traps and wasp bait, it’s just as likely to attract an Asian hornet. So I’d urge anyone putting a trap out to check it occasionally and if they see anything that might be an Asian hornet, please get in touch.’

Paul McEvoy, of Greengables Pest Control, said putting up traps was not always the best course of action.

‘There does seem to be quite a few wasps,’ he said. ‘I know people are putting up wasp traps, but you don’t always have to kill everything. If it’s in the way of children and people then yes, but if there’s no need then just leave it.’

Colin Mollet, of CBM Services, said that those putting up traps should be careful about where they place them.

‘People need to place traps where they want the wasps to be, not where they don’t want them,’ said Mr Mollet.

Anyone wishing to report an Asian hornet sighting can do so by emailing, attaching a photo if possible. Islanders can also call Mr Christie on 441633 or download the free Asian Hornet Watch App.

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