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FORMER St Mary Deputy Daniel Wimberley was among the UK candidates standing in the European Parliament elections.

Daniel Wimberley (right) with fellow Green Party candidates, including Kat Boettge (centre). Credit: East Midlands Green Party

Representing the Green Party in the East Midlands, Mr Wimberley, who was a States Member between 2008 and 2011, now lives in the Derbyshire village of Bamford and was one of five candidates on the Green Party’s regional MEP ticket.

Speaking to the JEP from the final stages of the campaign trail, Mr Wimberley said that it had been a ‘crazy’ three weeks building up to the elections and supporting Kat Boettge, who is the party’s lead candidate for the district.

‘It has been a remarkable campaign,’ he said. ‘First of all, it has been compressed, just crazy, doing it all in three weeks, which is what we did. Everything had to be done in that time. I can see why Change UK simply couldn’t do it, because there is just so much infrastructure that you need.’

But the Green Party already has that infrastructure in place, he said, and he and his colleagues have done a lot of canvassing in the the East Midlands area, mostly ‘street work’.

‘It is very spread out,’ Mr Wimberley added. ‘It was mostly done by street work, meaning you speak to a lot of people on market days and things like that.

‘Derbyshire is particularly good ground for the Greens, for some reason. The green message really resonates here, and so I was concentrating on Derbyshire.

‘The general reaction has been very positive. We have arrived, there is no doubt about that.’

The results of yesterday’s elections will be known on Sunday.

Sam Le

By Sam Le


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