Group of politicians ‘is not a party’

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A GROUP of politicians who campaigned together have ‘no intention’ of forming a political party, but will work collaboratively and may back each other in seeking ministerial posts.

Candidates for Deputy in St Helier No 1 district

St Helier No 1 district Deputies Judy Martin, Russell Labey and Scott Wickenden were all returned to their seats having joined each other on the campaign trail and erecting combined posters asking the electorate to vote for all three of them.

Senator-elect Tracey Vallois, St Saviour Deputy Jeremy Maçon and Grouville Deputy Carolyn Labey were also among the group of returning politicians that supported each other through the campaign.

Deputies Wickenden and Maçon both said this was not a case of them forming a party nor a shift towards party politics.

However, with a strong presence in the new House of like-minded Members, both indicated that they would look for ministerial positions – depending on who the next Chief Minister is – and would support fellow candidates should they put themselves forward for some of the top political jobs.

Deputy Maçon said: ‘The issue is working together in order to achieve success in the States. Any shift towards party politics would need to come from the people – that is not what this is.

‘We each have our own targets and if we can work together to achieve some of them then that will be a positive step.’

Meanwhile, Deputy Wickenden, who admitted that he was relieved to be re-elected, added that he would like to see a new ministry for digital created – a post he would like to take.

He said: ‘We are not interested in being a party – we are interested in working together. There are certain things that we all believe in but we are each independent and were not standing under one manifesto.

‘It is important there is collaboration in the States and we are a bunch of Members that work well together.’

He added that as well as putting himself forward for a ministerial post, he expected Senator-elect Vallois and Deputies Martin, Carolyn Labey, Russell Labey and Maçon to also potentially challenge for a ministerial post depending on who the next Chief Minister is.


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