Condor to stop sailings berthing at Weymouth?

The new  £50 million trimaran

Condor Ferries may stop sailing to Weymouth if £10 million is not spent on a berth that will accommodate a new £50 million trimaran, according to the port's tourism spokesman.

Baggage handlers to strike over Easter?


Tourists and Islanders could have their travel plans disrupted over the Easter holidays as a result of threatened strike action by Servisair baggage handlers, it has emerged.

EasyJet to review its Gatwick flight times

Ali Gayward, commercial manager for easyJet UK

EasyJet is to review flight times between Jersey and Gatwick following criticism from Islanders about the airline's plans for the route, business leaders heard this week.

Condor strike is off


The Condor Ferries strike is over and sailings to France are expected to resume tomorrow.

Double trouble


Condor Ferries’ problems escalated today with an industrial protest in the UK adding to the strike by French workers that has moved into its 12th day.

Strikers want Rapide to fly the French flag

The Condor Rapide pictured in St Malo when the service was operating

Talks are taking place in Marseille today about the possibility of the Condor Rapide flying a French flag as a way of resolving the strike that has confined the vessel to port for over a week.

Strikers raise Breton flag on Condor ferry

STrikeing crew members on the Condor Rapide on which they have raised the Breton flag

Striking French Condor crew members have raised the Breton flag on board the Rapide – and are continuing to refuse to leave the vessel until their demands are met.

No end in sight as crew sit in

Some of the Condor staff who are on strike

Eleven French crew members are today still camped out on the Condor Rapide in St Malo - and are refusing to give up control of the ferry until their demands over employment conditions are met.

Condor strike to continue

Some of the Condor staff who are on strike

A strike by Condor Ferries' crew in France will continue indefinitely until the company agrees to French pay, conditions and safety regulations, a seafarers union has said

£50m ship may be on line by October

The new vessel could make ferry travel more reliable

A new £50 million ship that would make ferry travel to and from Jersey more reliable, environmentally friendly and comfortable for passengers could be in operation by October, the Economic Development Minister has revealed.

French strike cancels ferries


Ferries between Jersey and France have been cancelled for Thursday and Friday because of a ‘workplace dispute’ in France.