Migrant charge to pay for immigration crackdown


PEOPLE arriving in Jersey to work and the companies that employ them are to be charged more for the privilege under new plans aimed at raising hundreds of thousands of pounds to pay for a crackdown on immigration.

The measures announced by ministers aim to raise £600,000 a year. The money is to be used to plug the Island’s skills gap and enforcing existing immigration controls.

Of the money brought in by the increases in fees under the Control of Housing and Work Law, half will be used to pay for immigration controls, including funding initiatives to reduce the number of licences being used by businesses and to make sure that companies are not flouting the law.

The remaining £300,000 a year will be ploughed into skills and training, further details about which are due to be made public later this year.

The fee increases, which are the first since the law came into force in 2013, include the introduction of a new £50 annual fee for businesses per registered permission, excluding peak season staff, which would raise about £300,000 per year.

That proposal needs to be approved by the States before it can come into force on 1 November.

The changes, some of which are due to come into force in July and do not need the approval of the States, also include fee increases for businesses visiting Jersey for work and increasing the cost of registration cards for registered and licensed people from £75 to £80.

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Comments for: "Migrant charge to pay for immigration crackdown"

Squawkie L Pelican

This will be 0% effective at reducing immigration and 100% effective at raising a measly 300 grand. By the tenor of Routiers stilted mumbling even he knows this. The council of cretins strikes again.


Yipee bring it on about time ,give islanders a chance


This is merely a diversionary tactic to head off the fact that this COM have no desire to tackle the problem of 1500 new immigrants a year coming into the island, and to keep the public quiet until after the next election. Six hundred thousand pounds equates to four hundred pounds per head, I would anticipate that the administration, will cost more than the income, and will go no way towards supporting their required infrastructure needs.

If this is the best that Paul Routier can do, then the Chief Minister needs to delegate the responsibility to someone else, someone with the courage to tell finance, agriculture, construction and hospitality that the glory days of importing skills on the cheap, which is driving wages down, and so many locals under the breadline, are over, and that it is time to pay a living wage and train our youngsters. In other words the great tax incentives that they get from operating from here means that they are not immune from social responsibility


what about sub-contractors who bring in workers through the back door...stay with friends,pay no contributions whatsoever then leave, cash in hand...another hair brained idea....If social security did spot checks on sites to catch these people and prosecute, then that would be more constructive.


they stay in guest houses and b+b's for free, which add to the tourism figures. It's on a huge scale, you'd be amazed!!!

red squirrel

Another day another Tax bringing us one step closer to Utopia ! 300k ? it will cost more than that to collect,this is so inept even by Jersey standards, one can only conclude it is another red herring come smokescreen designed to appease an increasingly frustrated and ignored electorate.


Maria: Islanders have always had a chance but many find it easier to have kids, claim benefits and let kids from Poland, Rumania and other places do the work they wont do.


here's a novel idea ....... make employees pay a wage locals can live off of (Jersey's minimum wage is 30p less than the UK's) and we wont need this new law brought into affect.


Sen Routier appears to be a nice enough chap. However, he came across very weakly on Radio Jersey and even worse on CTV! He did nothing whatsoever to enhance these latest plans.

It seems that politics is getting beyond him now. I hope that he does not stand for re- election and bows out gracefully.