Want to see a tractor ballet?

morningboat art project  morning boat
Previous projects by the Treacle collective include White Man/Woman Walking, a 13km cardboard car walk in Johannesburg at the invitation of the Goethe-Institut

A BALLET performed by tractors and a cinema open to horses are among artistic events which could take place this summer as part of a Jersey Arts Trust-funded project.

They are ideas from the duo behind a new public art programme, called the morning boat, which will focus on local agriculture, fisheries and tourism. The initiative aims to pair artists with farmers, fishermen, seasonal workers and chefs, among others, as a starting point for creating new work.

The Treacle collective – Kaspar Wimberley and Susanne Kudielka – who will curate the project, have worked on performance pieces and exhibitions around the world, including a living sculpture trail in Endersbach, Germany, a cardboard car walk for the Goethe-Institut in Johannesburg, a sculptural exhibition in Barcelona and a research project into the murals of Belfast.

The pair are currently selecting international artists to take part in the morning boat project.

Local artists will also be invited to take part in the project through the Jersey Arts Trust.

For more information log on to morningboat.com or email morningboat@arts.je.

Have you any quirky ideas for any other art projects in Jersey? What would you suggest?


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Comments for: "Want to see a tractor ballet?"


Well, not really!

Tony B

JCB have Dancing Excavators for years. How about a Jersey Fantasy? The Condor Liability sailing on time


How did customs let these two through the border, I'll have what they are on. I agree some of it is art but cinema for horses???? what's that all about. good luck to the whacky world of people's minds, and how it can be altered.

Mickey Mouth

You need to stick to your prescribed medication.