Plans for 65 new homes in the heart of St Peter

The land in St Peter on which the new homes could be built is where the cars are parked between the long marquee and the church

PLANS for 65 first-time-buyer homes in St Peter have been announced by Andium Homes.

The land at Rue de Manoir, across the road from the Sir George Carteret pub and behind the bus stop, has been sold to the States-owned housing company, subject to planning permission being granted for the houses.

The three-bedroom houses form part of Andium’s 2016-20 Strategic Business Plan, which outlines aims to build more than 1,000 new houses.

Ian Gallichan, chief executive of Andium Homes, said: ‘We are pleased to be undertaking this project in partnership with the parish. We hope to gain approval for up to 65 three-bedroom homes on the site, which following a decision by the parish will be called Ville du Manoir.

All the houses will be sold via the Andium Homebuy scheme, with priority being given to those with strong links to the parish of St Peter.




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Comments for: "Plans for 65 new homes in the heart of St Peter"


It's a green field if planning play by the rules it should not be approved,otherwise anyone with a green field would then expect approval!

Jersey girl 1983

I'm not sure they even consider playing by the rules when it involves another states department. They must have an idea it will be passed in some way, shape or form, otherwise why purchase the land in the first place. It stinks.


Strong links to the Parish ,in other words its who you know most will be bought by mum

and dad i/e deposit paid by them,to children who have done nothing for Parish .

Family links will be Parish Police ,church w i school 60 years ago .

Jersey girl 1983

So no one has even considered the impact on the roads in the area, the village is currently 20mph and constantly gridlocked.


Nope, no mention whatsoever. When the palms are greased, nothing matters at planning. Been there done that and know first hand how they operate.


So, priority being given to those with strong links to the parish of St Peter. Is that discrimination ? I am sure it is. I thought that was illegal.


happens in every parish, st.saviour, trinity, st.martin. It's a way of keeping in the parish family if your know what I mean.


say NO to this plan.


Would this be the same scheme as they had in Trinity whereby someone who knew someone's dog in Trinity were allowed to buy ?

Jersey 1

I would be interested to know how many people making negative comments on here actually own there own homes in a rural parish? As first time buyers with strong links to St Peter's Parish (lived there for 10 years) and with children at the local school this scheme would be perfect for us.

In relation to the impact on the roads comment, as this scheme is aimed at people who already live in the Parish of St Peter's there should be minimal extra traffic.

R B Bougourd

"...priority being given to those with strong links to the parish of St Peter"

Does 60+ years of only surfing in the St Peter's sector of the bay count?


St.Clement population density 2200 per km/sq

St.Peter population density 430 per km/sq


The grif

I presume that means strong agricultural ties?ie farm workers


It's difficult to oppose it when there are people involved in the decision making who are probably going to profit from it. This is an island run by corrupt people, and has been for years