Under-10s on mental health’s workload

The figures come after the national media reported recently that more than 230,000 children and young people are receiving help from NHS mental health services for problems such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders, with more than 65,000 of those being age ten and under.

MORE than 800 children referred to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services since 2011 were under the age of ten, it has been revealed.

A Freedom of Information request has shown that since 2011,  2,092 referrals have been made to CAMHS – the specialist service that works with young people under the age of 18 who have emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties – with 194 of those being children under the age of six and 623 aged between six and ten.

Behavioural issues include children with disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism.

Between January and 30 September this year a total of 350 referrals have been made to the service, with an average of nine referrals per week. Of the 350 referrals, 205 were girls.






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Comments for: "Under-10s on mental health’s workload"


I am not surprised at this headline. Children start school too young so the pressure starts early with some children as young as 3years old. At this age they need support, love and care, time to play and have fun both in and outdoors to support their emotional wellbeing.

Once they start in a school environment the pressure begins.....

Mike C

When it comes to the JEP Survey - in my opinion All of the reasons (except Poverty) in the survey are causing mental health problems for BOTH Children and Adults.

We need to go back to basics and reject the modern CR*P, that is creating misery and greed. If not we are all doomed, there is too much emphasis on the trivial and not enough effort on the important things in life that existed in the past.


State of the economy, state of the Council of Ministers!

When workers see how the States waste money, like for instance sending KING LIAR to SA to play golf, sending Ozouf & others all over the world and civil servants of the calibre of Rogers, Richardson, Gallichan and King do you wonder why?

All this packaged up, with no job security for the ordinary workers, it must affect home life and depression sets in not just for adults but there is a 'trickle down effect' down to the children.

Jersey must get a better calibre of politician just look at St Mary, Trinity Deputy, St Peter Connetable and all the other 'nodding donkey's, NO idiots.


Causes? workers coming to Jersey to work for low wages and then having children to get on the benefit trail - income support/social housing? Non-English speaking in a Jersey school? Parents never married breaking up? Abuse by either parent or other relation? Jersey is not a wonderful place for children despite the propaganda - just see the high levels of drug taking