Jersey is ‘part of the world’s largest tax-evasion network’

Stop the War conference
Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said that her party would be seeking amendments to the Criminal Finances Bill

THE UK’s Shadow Home Secretary has claimed that Crown Dependencies, including Jersey, are part of the ‘largest tax-evasion network in the world’.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Labour MP Diane Abbott was reacting to what she described as a ‘startling oversight’ in the new Criminal Finances Bill, which was first presented to Parliament on 13 October.

The bill aims to tackle money-laundering and terrorist-financing and make it easier for the government to recover proceeds of crime.

Mrs Abbott said she was disappointed by the lack of reference to the 14 British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies in the Bill, and called for legislation to bring ‘beneficial ownership registers’ [a register outlining who ultimately owns a company] into the public domain.




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Comments for: "Jersey is ‘part of the world’s largest tax-evasion network’"

Shoot to Thrill

Typical Labour hatred of offshore finance.

We have our own equivalent left wingers here in the form of Reform Jersey and they too hate the finance industry.


You obviously work in finance, as I can smell the corporate void in your statement. Go watch the big short

Finding Me:Mo

Shoot to Thrill

Remember what day it is!

(4) A person who, for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another –

(a) sends, by means of a telecommunication system, a message that the person knows to be false; or

(b) persistently makes use of a telecommunication system,

is guilty of an offence.

Shoot to Thrill

Sam Mezec, political comment is exempt from this law as its freedom of speech so I suggest you get used to it.

Finding Me:Mo

You are absolutely wrong on both counts .

Finding Me:Mo


Please point out to me where you think the exemption is that allows you to be offensive.

Shoot to Thrill

Did you listen to the debate or disappear like you always do?

Get used to it Sam, you chose the job so roll with the punches and be a man for a change.

Finding Me:Mo

One I AM NOT Sam Mezec , two , irrespective of anything said in the States , if you knew anything about court action ( you do ) you would know it pivots on WHAT THE LAW SAYS.

I ask the question again , show me in the law where it says ' Jon' is exempt.

Jersey girl 1983

Sorry love but it's all perfectly legal, I bet most of your party have offshore structures and won't be keen to back your proposals

karaoke joe

She knows what she speaks about as half the house of commons has money here lol. Not hidden as many would believe as everything in finance is transparent and secure .


Dreadful woman, insists that the ordinary people send their children to bog standard comprehensives, but sends hers to a private school, Labour politician at their best!

She also used to go out with Corbyn!


THE UK’s Shadow Home Secretary has refused to admit that the City of London is one of the biggest parts of the ‘largest tax-evasion network in the world’.

Remarkable how she points the finger at what she thinks is an easy target to avoid the issues closer to home.

Shoot to Thrill

Jeremy Corbyn is one of Sam Mezec's heroes aye Finding Me:Mo.

What a warning shot that is to Jersey's 13,000 finance workers.

Finding Me:Mo

I know you are normally led in these matters but if you continue accusing me of being Sam Mezec then I will contact him to pursue the legal route.

If the JEP are reading this , please can you give general advise on what now is appropriate behaviour within the constraints of the Amendment 3 of the Telecommunications ( Jersey) Law 2016.

Shoot to Thrill

Go ahead Sam, I am sure the court could do with a really good laugh.

A fake account attacking another nom de plume....Priceless!



How can Me:Mo be SM when you 'know' that I am. Then again, I was in No. 10 tonight having dinner and SM was not there, so maybe I'm not him. Hmm.


Compared to Abbott our three stooges are pussy cats. Just ignore the woman!


I think a Shoot to Thrill is not a well man, and needs our understanding. He seems to be fixated on Me:Mo, wether he has been encouraged I do not know. But the man? obviously needs help .

Shoot to Thrill

Its called spot the fake Mezec accounts and every time he gets tumbled he gets either stroppy on Facebook or his lonely blog.

So predictable.

Finding Me:Mo

Not being a follower of Sam Mezec , I decided to see what the troll Shoot to Thrill was talking about on any Facebook Or blog related to him.

All I can find is election Facebook pages that have been untouched for months and a blog carrying a letter to John Mills about States members re numeration with two comments from others on . The Reform Jersey Facebook was last updated on 12th September. I could find absolutely no evidence of 'getting stroppy' whatsoever.

Clearly this is either Shoot to Thrills paranoid delusions getting the better of him or as others have suggested this is deliberate disinformation for other purposes.

In some respects it's a pity my IP address is not available to him to prove this but there again I am aware of how those have been misused in the past .

Mickey Mouth

Your both as bad (possibly mad) as each other.



I have to agree, he is indeed unwell. If you want to know how unwell, you should look at the Politics Jersey - With Free Speech website. You will soon work out who he is and what his messages are.

I would guide you to the comments trying to associate Sam Mezec to the recent murder in St. Helier and to the lady complaining about drunks urinating near her flat, because it happened in his district.

Quite a bit of homophobia on there as well.

As much as I oppose some of Sam Mezec's politics I don't think that anyone should be subject to these twisted accusations.

Sick person indeed.


Well, serves Jersey right for deciding on a parasitic existance, doesn't it? Ive no sympathy.

Squawkie L Pelican

All the nations of the world have a front door and a back door for their money. Montenegro, Liechtenstein, Cayman, BVI, Channel Islands etc ad nauseum. It's a necessary symbiosis. We don't need your sympathy, you have mine whether you need it or not.


This is not NEWS!

Tony B

Funny how Labour do nothing about 'Tax Evasion' when in Goverment , and promptly trot out the same old lines in opposition. Change the record this one is worn out.


She also fails to mention Luxembourg one of the most corrupt finanance centers in the world. But then I doubt if the woman has stray too far from her borough and relies on the Daily Mirror for her news updates.

Shoot to Thrill

"Jersey is part of the worlds largest Mezec fake account network"

Finding Me:Mo

'will the real Mr Shoot to Thrill, please stand up '

Or why not try to , at least ,contribute to discussions rather than spout trite anti-factual 'positivity' aimed at named individuals.

Shoot to Thrill

If you were not Sam then you would not have commented on that.

Catching you with your pants down all the time eh Mezzy.

Finding Me:Mo

Got me bang to rights there!

It's a fair cop guv!

I tell you what , at sometime Tuesday Deputy Mezec has to ask an oral question and will no doubt have supplementaries.

During that time I will make a comment online here somewhere and will even respond should you also make a comment . As the timing of both will be very clear and unequivocal it would take someone seriously deluded not to recognise the blatantly obvious fact is that I am not he.

Sotte Voce

I expect that the activity expressed in the second line of your post is the subject of much fantasizing on your part.

Shoot to Thrill

From your tablet Sam.

I am weary of this, you've been troll spotted so accept it.

Sotte Voce

But surely then you would be able to see Deputy Mezec on his tablet while you watch the televised proceedings while playing with your own, ahem, tablet.

Squawkie L Pelican

The JEP comments section is Maureens greatest fake account network. That charade you belted out a while ago never fooled me. Especially given that most your supporters at the hustings were so senile they thought the internet was summat to do with fishing.

Shoot to Thrill

Don't you mean your fake network Sam?

It amuses me how you do your best to have control over what people say on here by trying to oust them. You are like a rabbit in the headlights my Son.


Bought some new socks have you?



I believe that they are written after significant amounts of Stella.


And a significant number of tissues.

Squawkie L Pelican


Grumpy Git

Great comments above keep them coming it makes an 'old git' smile.


I lived in Jersey long before the 'parasitic culture' arrived here, with their enterage of 'dodgy lawyers and accountants' so merry Christmas to you all!

COOK propagandist in Chief with the LIAR at EDD the quicker Di Abbot shuts down Jersey Finance the better!

Squawkie L Pelican

We used to love the magic money tap, switch it back on... pipe down abbot.

Wilson Riou


"the quicker Di Abbot shuts down Jersey Finance the better"

And how will she do that without the Labour Party getting elected first?



The thing is next gov. in U.K. won't be the Cons.

Aside, no matter what 'Pony & Trap' Cook espouse's page 7 'Jersey Third country' will aid U.K. into EU, shows how 'unstable the guy is'.

Jersey's status within EU is THROUGH the U.K.!

Paris, Berlin etc will all want to be the financial centre of Europe!

As for Bailhache & Harris going to UAE for what? Covering same ground as Walker, Horsefall, Le Sueur and others with NOTHING to show except many thousands YES many thousands of Air Miles and nothing for the BIG BLACK HOLE!!

Wilson Riou


"The thing is next gov. in U.K. won't be the Cons"

Well the polls put the parties at Cons 42% and Lab 28% so Diane Abbot's party has a lot of ground to make up, or did you have another party in mind to be the next government?



Do you really think for one minute the UK government 'gives a fig' about Jersey Finance?

Labour does, the only difference is they are going to do something about it, then Cook and all his well paid over paid and unfortunately over here will be history.

They can then go and try and sell their labour elsewhere, problem is wherever they go prospective employers won't be as gullible as Goofy Gorst and his band of merry idiots!

Shoot to Thrill

Just curious as to whether this woman had been advised by Reform Jersey?

She appears to show the same lack of understanding and intelligence.