Pay cuts ‘final nail in coffin’, warns teachers’ union boss

Highlands College. Picture: JON GUEGAN
The ‘restructuring’ of Highlands College could save £200,000

TEACHERS and nursery care providers urged States Members to reject proposals to cut wages and free nursery care within a spending plan.

Ministers have faced increasing pressure and criticism from several Scrutiny Panels over their plans to slash budgets for public services and to introduce new levies such as a waste charge, as part of the Medium Term Financial Plan Addition.

Among the proposals in the Addition is for the pay and benefits of newly qualified teachers in Jersey to be reviewed so that £720,000 of budget cuts can be made by 2019.

Education Minister Rod Bryans said that starting wages could be reduced by as much as £8,000.




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Comments for: "Pay cuts ‘final nail in coffin’, warns teachers’ union boss"


The Final Nail was put in as soon as Reform Jersey got involved.

Notorious losers of almost every economic proposition in the States this Party is hopeless at everything it puts its hand to.


If you reduce the teachers wages what is the incentive for teachers to come to Jersey and teach are young flock? We should be investing in education and making sure we attract the best teachers we can. With the cost of living so high they will go elsewhere and our children's education will suffer.

As for cutting nursery you want mothers to be forced back to the home rather than work. Many people rely on the NEF hours to allow them to work and gain back some independence after having children. They wont be contributing anything back to Jersey if they are out of work (but would then be eligible for the free hours) so you may save on one hand but the other will be taking away from a different pot so you are no better will just be creating extra worry for the already strapped middle earners of Jersey


It's a shame the States don't lead by example here, lets say by not paying States Members who are newly elected the full package until such time as they prove that they're fit for purpose. We could save a fortune. I am at a loss to understand why the importance of proper education is treated by some with such contempt. Shameful that money comes first and above everything else here in not so sunny Jersey.