Law is changed on fathers' rights

Deputy Jackie Hilton
Deputy Jackie Hilton praised the parents for highlighting their tragic story

THE heartbroken parents of a young man who committed suicide after his daughters were taken from Jersey, by their mother, have spoken to the JEP following the States’ decision this week to approve a new law on parental responsibility.

The couple approached the JEP last year to reveal that their son, aged 27, took his own life in August 2014 after many months of unsuccessfully trying to get his daughters back to Jersey after they were taken to eastern Europe by their mother.

They called on the JEP, politicians and lawyers to help them with their campaign to change the law to give unmarried fathers more rights.

But today, their relief at seeing the new law finally passed was overshadowed with sadness at the fact it took the death of their son to bring about the change.

The change to the law, which will be brought into effect in the next few months, will mean that unmarried biological fathers named on a birth certificate will have the same parental rights as married fathers.

Deputy Jackie Hilton met the parents and highlighted their campaign to the States.

Read the full story in Thursday's JEP.




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Comments for: "Law is changed on fathers' rights"


about bloody time!!!! times have changed from the old skool women and child first, men second ala titanic! about time the courts have realised that fathers do matter in the eye of the law.


A Law change is of no relevance when the Jersey Court refuses to enforce Court Orders against parents if they kidnap their children off the Island. or the abductor parent. Having custody does not prevent this as we have seen in the past in the Eichner case many years ago and only a year or so ago I recall watching a harrowing CCTV report where another 3 Jersey children were taken by their foreign father from their Jersey mother some years ago, yet, absolutely nothing was done by the court to help her either and the woman was utterly distraught. Unless the courts are going to enforce laws and arrest parents who kidnap their children and ensure the children are returned, a change in law means nothing in reality.

Mr Sensible

Yes now the law has changed caring fathers are at last an equal, however it's about time the courts slam down hard on fathers who think the state can support single mothers where the dad just does a runner and can't be bothered in giving money to help with their child.


Finally, and not before time. Obtaining this for my son cost me thousands of pounds and he now lives with me full time. It is about time the states caught up and realised Dad is just as important as Mum and just as capable.


I find it's almost irrelevant. Being married and being on the birth certificate hasn't seemed to make anything easier, other than it's easier for her to get money (I am more than happy to financially support my children). However to get access to my own children, I'll have to pay to go to court. The law may say I have equal rights but in practice that isn't exercised.