Benefits may be cut if you quit without reason

PEOPLE who quit their jobs without a genuine reason could face benefits cuts in an attempt to stop people draining the welfare system.

Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley
Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley

PEOPLE who quit their jobs without a genuine reason could face benefits cuts in an attempt to stop people draining the welfare system.

Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley has announced a plan to make people who leave employment without a sufficiently good reason wait before claiming all of their benefits.

Under the plan, an adult would lose out on the personal component of their benefits, which is worth £92.12 per week, but would not see any reduction in housing or child payments.

The reduction would apply for a limited time – at least until a person could prove they were actively seeking work.

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Comments for: "Benefits may be cut if you quit without reason"


People that walk out of a job should not get any welfare at the end of the day they are lucky they have a job

gino risoli

People that loose their job for any reason should not be able to claim any sort of benefit for at least six weeks. This allows people to save for that eventuality and to put the responsibility of finding work squarely on the individual.


I think if people are made redundent then they should be helped as it is not there fault And as for saving just in case there are people out there working who just dont have the spare cash to save just in case


I know someone who spent 8 months trying to get a job in retail behind a till after having been made redundant.

Desire to work was there, but the work itself wasn't. How would this work for her?

As a side note, while 'they took our jobs' is a cliché now, in this example the vast majority of retail jobs were taken by immigrants, and there was strong hostility towards those trying to work who were not of the same nationality.

Examples being friends of the other workers would come in and make unfounded complaints, rumours were started, they would stand and stare at her to make her feel awkward etc. General unpleasantness.

Not to worry though, my (Jersey-born) friend, unable to find work, was forced to leave the island to find work so she could eat and afford a roof over her head.


Not being anti immigrant, one myself, but I fear you are right. When I came her 12 years ago my first job was in retail. I made life long local friends, in fact the work force were vast majority Jersey born. This is simply not the case now. I cant believe that locals did want to work in retail at that time and now dont. I fear its a 'foreign foreman' syndrome.


Wow. Even those made redundant?


What a bunch of rubbish! So if you're unfortunate enough to be made redundant or your employer goes bust, you supposed to be in a precarious position for 6 weeks even if looking for a job. Great comment there, Gino! No wonder you didn't fare all that well in the elections!

I do agree with the thought of if you leave a job for no good reason you should not get benefits for a period of time. This may well be just a drop in the ocean, we shall see.


And that Gino is why you failed, and will continue to fail in your political endeavours.

Unfortunately some members of our society, particularly in the hospitality or service industries are not paid well enough to be able to afford to save. Something as an employer you should be aware of.


what are you on about you have to wait 6 weeks anyway


You must be joking gino, ignorant thinking. So you want to say a guy earning minimum wage just managing to pay the bills, rent & food shouldn't be able to claim income support for 6 weeks if he's laid off work????


I think people should claim back rent from landlords, as they aren't allowed to save with these prices. People might lose there jobs for many reasons (doesn't have to be the employees fault) & what about mobbing? If somebody is being bullied at work all day long, you can't blame them for quitting and who can prove it. You can't expect somebody to save if the cost of living is so high on the Island. I left the Island and am now a house owner but would never try and get the max rent out of someone. I rather keep it a bit lower and know people appreciate it and look after the place. The thinking in Jersey is different, the people who have money and were lucky to grow up in a time where money took you further and will get great pensions are the last ones to lower the rent (I'm not saying all but most). 200£ wouldn't make a difference to them but maybe to a young family.


Claim back rent from private landlords? Why stop there? Go round the Co-op and ask for some of your grocery bill back. Bus fares are pretty high, go to Liberation Station and ask for a few bob. That shirt you bought at Christmas was way too pricey, go see the manager at BHS. 50p for a JEP - demand a refund!

What absolute nonsense. Do you take coffee at Gino's cafe when you come back to visit?


Actually, that is exactly what the GST refund is designed to do - give you back some of the money on your Co-op food bill and the shirt you bought at BHS.

Of course, the fact that everyone pays GST but only the 5-year-qualified lot get the rebate is waaaay discriminatory (and in any civilised jurisdiction it'd be declared illegal on the spot, but hey, this is Jersey)


Oh James, you don't seem to have a good sense of humour:-) Luckily I don't have to bother but it might be great to give the future generations of Jersey a FUTURE.


That's not exactly fair to those who have been made redundant at no notice, like numerous retail staff recently. Also you simply cannot save if you don't have enough money to save in the first place. You cannot refuse to pay bills, mortgage etc because you've earmarked the money for a savings account.

If you have excess funds in your account at the end of each month then good for you. Lots of other hardworking people have nothing left after all the bills have been paid.


Ignorance really is bliss. You obviously don't earn minimum wage. You sound like you live a fairly comfortable life that offers you the luxury of saving? Not everyone has the opportunity to save money, especially in today's climate.


Yes, Gino. You lose your job. Can't afford to pay the mortgage the next month, and the bank take your house back. By the time you can sort your life out , it will be six weeks before you can start looking for another job.


Wow, they make it sound as if 1000's of jobs were available. How many open positions are there in Jersey at the moment???????????? Sure, there are people who don't want to work but how many people actually find work and quit?


Surely if that's the case Jeremy,that people with serious work ethics don't quit, then this is a system of targeting those who don't have the same ethics and do quit.


The Social Security dept seem to make it up as they go along!!!

So you lose the adult component, but not any other?

Is that even legal, the adult component is not, as far as I know, tied to being in work, everyone with an income support claim gets it, whether working, unemployed, retired or disabled and unable to work.

Our States departments seem to run around like headless chickens, making stupid ill thought out policies seemingly on a daily basis, I seriously wonder about the quality of our highly paid civil servants?

Just as well they have States jobs, no one else would employ them!

I obviously, as someone who has luckily always had a job since I left school at 16, 30 years ago, don't agree with people simply living off benefits without even trying to find a job, but in my life experience most people want to work if it is worth their while, there are a small percentage that wish to avoid it at any costs, the problem in Jersey is the lack of decently paid jobs, would you take a job that actually made you worse off financially?

The minimum wage in Jersey needs to be raised to at least £10 an hour, then more might make an effort!


Completely disagree. What you're seeing is a Department making sensible, practical decisions. I don't agree with all of them, but Le Gresley and his team keep going up in my estimation.

You've raised the £10 an hour minimum wage under another pseudonym. Go suggest that to the farmers, hoteliers and shopkeepers.

To make it worthwhile financially going to work, benefits need to be cut. This too posh to mop culture is debilitating.


The thorny branch they need to address is the 'have a baby and live on welfare for life' problem.

Also why are people just off the boat able to claim for children - they should get nothing for 5 years - which should really be put up to 6 years, but don't hold your breath


What's this just off the boat Rubbish? I,ve lived, worked and married here for the last 3.5 years. As victim of domestic abuse, I'm now on my own with children, working almost full time, paying a fortune in rent and everyday is a struggle to find the money to feed us.... And I can't claim a bean!!!!!

So while some of you join his fan club all I see is that le Gresley let's my kids go hungry and wouldn't care about anyone else's either.


But where does the law permit it? That is a good question.


I would be interested to know what you do, or did for a living James?


Captain of Industry, Taxpayer, or so I delude myself.


gino have a word with yourself. Many people live week to week and have no spare money to save as you put it.

The social security department is there as a safety net to catch those that fall, for whatever reason.

Our society is is based on Christian values, what do these people do for six week?

I'll tell you what they will do, they will either starve to death or find a way to survive, shoplifting, mugging, robbing, prostitution, drug dealing, whatever, which you would prefer and what kind of society would you like to live in?

If this is what you are seriously advocating then firstly thank god you never got in to the States, and secondly move to any large city in the UK, you can find all of the above listed, I personally would prefer to live here where people don't have to resort to that to survive!


Or they could be given a one way ticket to their place of origin


I understand what you are saying, Nick, (and I think that Gino is going too far when it applies to redundancy) but you have got to discourage people from, let us say - one example, just chucking a job in because it is a bit too much like hard work. I believe that there are cases like this. So your comment about 'fall for whatever reason' needs to be interpreted with some care: a genuine no-fault fall deserves some support, but not a matter of personal choice.

As to the argument by some that there are not the jobs; what about hospitality and agriculture? I often find fields full of Eastern Europeans workers when I go out for exercise, and the farmers only have licences because no local will do the job; the same applies in cafes. It is just not economic sense to make life easy for people who just do not want to take these jobs. Indeed, it is a lot better to pay a local a bit of income support, than to pay him/her benefits to do no work, and then have a foreigner send half their wages off island, is it not? Hence, we need some stick as well as carrot.

Marie Antoinette

Hip hip hooray

Social security is no longer an emergency back up but a life style choice.

Sean rant

What he is suggesting is against the ECHR which was domesticated into Jersey law by the Human Rights (Jersey) Law 2000.

All it will achieve is poverty and social ills that are already in abundance.

If Mr Le Gresley believes that the welfare and/or income support system is being drained presently then he is in for a shock in the forthcoming months and will have to do better than this.

Perhaps closing the borders would be a good place to start.

Law bird

Really Sean, care to back that up with what part of the law?

Law Bird

Thought not.


And in the current climate what about the people that are buckling under the increased workload and cant take any more...many people are simply not being replaced and the increased work load is expected to be picked up by existing employees.

This is in the main the Private Sector as the Public Sector seems oblivious to current economic conditions.

Or what about the employee that is bullied in the workplace and cant take any more....

Stay in a job and risk health and sanity being effected.....or leave....

On paper seems a reasonable idea..but in reality another case entirely...

i know people that for the sake of their health have had to leave a job, or alternatively one of the greatest problems in the workplace in Jersey - bullying...normally by an incompetent manager....


Not entirely sure you know what really hard work is. Easier to cry about it rather than getting on with it, eh? Blame the employer, blame the manager, blame the States - but we ALL need to step up a gear if we want a future for ourselves.


@James - what you on about...? noticed your posts on here are never constructive and generally downright nasty..what a horrible little individual you are.

You have no idea how hard i work or dont....but i would hazard a guess i work a damn sight harder than you and in my career a lot more succesful. Having worked at many Senior positions, I have seen the stress and pressure that people can come under - generally down to very poor management - im guessing your one of those incompetent managers right..?


Sticks and stones Orcy...

Really pleased you have had a successful career although from your posts it's difficult to understand how or in what sector.

As for me, well.....

James Wiley

And so the grand plan of the Social Security department has now been unveiled in full...

Bribe people into work, make them wait out six months, don't let them leave unless there is a 'good reason', in other words unless they are bringing a case before the employment tribunal.

The award from the tribunal would tide them over until full benefits kick in.

Employers be warned, they are out to rob you, don't be taken in by the £2,800 bribe they are offering you. It simply is not worth the risk.


OK, so what is your solution then?

James Wiley


Repeal income support, repeal the employment law.

100's of jobs would be created overnight and if you don't have one and your family is not local then you just won't stay.

Plus millions pounds in states wastage err expenditure also saved.


what about the people who want to work social then take away everything so the person who doesnt work is better off, cut the % of benefit received so you are better off working than sitting on your arse


You should never be better off on benefits than working, that's what has made this whole sorry bloody mess in the first place.

SWEEP THE ROADS around jersey

if ANYBODY is out of work and wants welfare, give them a shovel hoe and broom and set them to weeding/clearing our lanes, tracks and cliff paths. if they don't do 50 yards in a day they GET NO WELFARE...

Unions Unite!!

Nick Corbel won't let them, he says it takes work away from his members.

I am not kidding.


unlawful he will be up against a tribunal


You must be out your mind to quit a job unless another job is available to you....I really can't see many saying they have enough of their job and just leave.

Gino Risoli

In my experience l have noticed that if people acquire states housing they are more comfortable with the idea of being unemployed, I am trying to be polite about this.


Gino I find that very offensive, I live in States accommodation, I am 46 years old, I have worked full time since I was 15 and have never been unemployed, in my entire working life I have taken less than 3 weeks off sick, 10 days of that was when I got chicken pox in my 30's, I was so ill!

I have a 21 year old daughter who I have brought up as a single parent since she was 3, she has 10 O levels, 3 A levels and is currently on course to get a First in her university degree.

So what exactly are you trying to say with that comment.


I think you're referring to the numerous and cancerous scroungers we have in the Island living of social and with free accomodation and allowances.

Force them to do voluntary work to get their benefits and let's see what happens. Of course this would not happen as there would be some sort of excuse about it "going against human rights" even thought a lot of what the states does contravenes said human rights i.e. residential qualifications and qualifications to live in properties.

Dr Alban

With view like this, maybe Gino's second name is actually Mussolini.

He's an aspiring politician how seems to think that they key to election victory is to generalise the least well-off in our society as no-good, lazy scroungers.

Do you not realise how you come across when you say this?


Dear God

I thought if you walked out you couldn't claim.No wonder the system is in a mess makes me wonder why I even bother. Oh yes I know I have standards and been brought up to go to work for a living

Art Lelai

Repeal the employment law today and there would be thousands of jobs available tomorrow. The government has employers running scared (well almost all employers, I don't think anything scares Mr P.).

The answer to any problem is never more complexity only greater simplicity but the government always chooses greater complexity.


In a blog strangely littered with nonsense, you have still managed to trump the lot. No decent employer is worried about the employment law, only indecent ones, and they ain't the ones capable of creating thousands of jobs tomorrow (as if anyone is).

Art Lelai

Strangely James,

For someone who berates others for not even entertaining the idea that some are workshy, you seem to overlook the possibility that some employees are devious and will abuse the employment law.

I can tell you are not an employer and that you haven't spoken to any.


Not at all Art Lelai, there are a number of poorly behaving employers. My point is that they are likely to be very poor businessmen too, because successful businessmen understand that you have to treat people fairly - and within the law. These, decent businessmen are not concerned about the Employment Law because they comply with it because they know what is the right thing to do. It's the bad employers who don't get this, who don't like the law, who in my view are therefore bad businessmen and are hardly likely to boost our economy.

Please explain what in that you disagree with.

James Wiley

No James, I think you missed the point.

Employers are concerned that EMPLOYEES will abuse the law and there are numerous examples of this.

The actual time and energy wasted going through a hearing, even if the employer is completely exonerated is burdensome and costly.

The tribunal really could not care that employees who bring cases are likely to find it difficult to find jobs in the future.

The tribunal need cases or they will not get paid the £2,000 per half day that they are 'entitled' to.

So the tribunal members make a fortune whilst employees and employers suffer.

Do you really not understand that government only serves itself? It is the enemy of the people.

And James, the bankers successful businessmen, you know the ones that commit fraud by rigging markets and LIBOR rates and launder drug money, you say are following the law?

The businessmen who make money by swapping horse meat for beef?

Do you even live on the same planet as me?

If there is one thing that has been made clear over the past five years is that no one can be trusted; not child abusing celebrities, not money laundering banksters, not the food supply chain.

Why oh why do you expect the government to be any different?

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and the government has more power than anyone.

Giles B

You seem to be a very angry child/man James. Give me reasons why I should move my company to Jersey, what benefits will I have compared to other locations?????????? It's an IT company and I've got 100 positions open.


Doubt if you have a company wih positions to offer, but Jersey is a great place to live and work anyway. The majority of people are hard working and eager to learn and contribute to their work. There is red tape but not that onerous. Success is largely rewarded and respected, although not without exception. Tax is relatively low (although property prices relatively high), the beaches are beautiful and a couple of times a year it's warm enough to swim in the sea. Most of our politicians are also hard working and often have their heads screwed on the right way. And if anyone doesn't like it here, there is always another boat leaving in the morning!


Are you having a laugh....most of our politicians are hard working and have their heads screwed on....are you for real....

Our politicians at best are useless or incompetent...most only using their positions to serve their own ends....

And I agree boat in the morning, a good starting point would be our politicians to be on saiid boat....

I suspect Daddy is one of those politicians eh James...!

Parktown Prawn

Orca I agree

James, you may still be a bit wet behind the ears judging by your comments.

Giles B

If you really want to see what our illustrious politicians are capable (or more likely incapable) of then simply trawl through the JEP headlines for the last 2-3 years.

It would be funny if it wasn't true!


Not a lot of rationale constructive comment there Orcs.

I've worked with many on various charitable or not-for profit bodies. I suspect you haven't because you would then realise that what you say is as close to the truth as Geoff Southern is to becoming CM one day.

Dad died a long time ago when I was a wee laddie, but had he not, who knows.....


I apologise James for making a reference to your father given what you have said.....perhaps your use of language suggests you are of Scottish stock.....!

But seriously our politicians are a joke.....but then again if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.....

A blind man can see our current situation is down to years and years of incompetent government decisions and incompetence....

As I have said a lot of your posts I agree with , but I don't understand your defence of our Goverment ....or your slating of anyone that does not agree with your views....

While you sometimes make good points, you let yourself down by your character assignation of people.....


More hot air coming from le Gresley

All talk and no action.

Why are kids still getting £90 a week job seekers allowance?

Why wasn’t this stopped years ago?

This is no more than Le Gresley trying to secure votes for the next election.


I am not too sure about that.

First of all, he has landed in Social Security at the worst time of the century, and at least he looks like he is trying.

Changing a fraud system overnight can't be that easy.


O.K. Let's try and think of reasons why somebody might leave a job without a "genuine reason". Off the top of my head,someone may not get on with their work colleagues. In some jobs this is a hurdle that can be overcome, in others a small amount of friction between people can build all sorts of problems until eventually the company is harmed by internal division and feuds.

"Genuine reasons"would be bullying, discrimination etc.My first thought is that we will see a lot more people claiming mistreatment when they leave a position, as that will enable them to claim benefit. Secondly genuine victims of bullying and discrimination may just prefer to leave and find another job, being forced by the states to make an official complaint about their previous employers and/or co-workers may not help in finding another position.

Finally people sometimes go through problems unrelated to work but overwhelming to them. (A friend of mine lost her Father and became so depressed she left her job)

Might I suggest that rather than spending his time classifying the deserving and undeserving poor, the minister might use his powers to help create jobs.E.G.,lower contributions for new businesses and self employed people. There are a lot of small businesses and one man bands struggling to keep their heads above water right now,surely it makes sense to take less now and help keep people in work and trading?


True, but if you don't get on with your colleagues, you bite the bullet until you find another job. If it s very problematic , you speak to the employer. At least Social can check with the employer.

If all your colleagues don't like you , there must be a reason: you.

If you are that depressed, you should get a letter from your GP.


You won't even entertain the notion that some people are work shy? Just don't want to do what most everyone else wants to. Would rather be on the couch than at the desk.

Not a remote possibility in your view? No-one out there like that?

By the way, there are plenty of small businesses in Jersey doing very well. Why subsidise those who are no good at this business thing? If one day they do make some decent money, would you single them out for extra soc sec? Nope, didn't think so.


In the UK, the (ConLib) government admits that the level of benefit fraud is less than 1% of the total benefits payments. I'd be surprised if it was much different here.


I have a zero hours contract where I work and my boss doesn't need me just now so I have no money coming in. My hubby's wage has dropped by half since being taken over by a new company. We have 2 children and are now seriously struggling to cope. We went to income support for help, filled out all the forms, gave them all the info they asked for etc. Got the letter back yesterday telling us we are NOT entitled to help!!! Why? Because we moved in with my mum and they don't count the rent we give her as she is family?? They did say that if we moved out they would help with the deposit and THEN we could have income support. By living with my mum we are freeing up social housing for someone who really needs it and helping a family member who isn't in the best of health, and yet when we are really stuck we get no help BECAUSE we live with family. I can understand why people don't/won't work they are actually much better off than those of us trying to do the right thing.


I have worked hard since i left school and saved for my future...i lost my job 6 months ago and social security told me i'm not entitle to anything as i have savings and live with my parents...i have two options:

1) go to vegas, blow everything and move out of my parents house (and move into social housing)

2) or i look back and think, i'll never bother saving again, i'll just blow all my money and rely on the states for the rest of my life like other people.


They are helping the spongers and discarding the work hard savers.

They promote everything that is wrong with society and the buck start with them...


Nice juxtaposition on the front page.

Company rolls up, says "pay us £200k", the States just says "OK" without ever checking the company's <i>bona fides</i>.

Person rolls up at SocSec, says "please pay me £90/week while I'm looking for work".

On the basis of the above, SocSec asks "were you sacked?", the person says "yes", and SocSec says "OK" without ever checking the persons's <i>bona fides</i>. Could you believe that happening? I could.


thanks to the states of jersey l lost my business 18 months ago which l had run for 16 years l also employed local people, paid social security and fare amount of tax, as l am a property owner l now have to support myself without any help from the states shame l worked as hard as l did as now l could be on income support and enjoying life not having to worry about bills just a word of advise dont worry about money the states of jersey will look after you all that are out of work and have nothing ......


All well and good saying that, but about the people that just arrive on the Island and get income support no questions asked etc...

Yes I agree with what was said however when poeple are made redundant they shouldn't get income support like a lot of us have to use our savings before getting a penny but some people have been given it, people that walk out of jobs may have very valid reason so lets hope they are listen and guided...sadly one rule for one and another for other... no consistency what so ever....

Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley

needs to sit down and go through his books with a fine tooth comb and see exactly where all the money is going ... and yes people without 5 years are getting help etc etc ...


Please see my response to comment no4 cos I certainly ain't and have spent this winter with no heating and barely any food !

I'd appreciate to know why others under 5 yrs are getting and me and my kids are left in our situation by le Gresley .

Parktown Prawn

Watch out...there's a new "Real Truthseeker" in town...hey "James"?



There is only one original Truthseeker.....always watching


As much as I disagree with some of your posts PP.....James is either a troll, who is only happy throwing insults at people.....or Daddy owns half of Jersey.....can't work out which one it is......either way he is a prat and not constructive ..!

Parktown Prawn

We can't all agree....what a boring world that would be ;-)

I guess this James person could be a politician, judging by your description :-)

However, I do suspect he is a young, dime a dozen, lawyer wannabe.............


Wrong, wrong, wrong PP!

Orca somewhat hypocritically throws insults around herself, but I'm interested in what she actually disagrees with me on.

Do you think there are NO work shy people in Jersey? Or that there are NO small businesses making decent money?

Constructively, Le Gresley is grasping a number of nettles at the moment and is coming up with pragmatic policies - don't agree with all of them but I applaud him. You have to remember that he has bags of experience from his CAB role. He will have dealt with numerous people who have come with problems, and will know what is genuine and what isn't. He will understand people better than you or I. I therefore trust his judgement on these matters, and wish him well when he has to grasp the biggest nettle of them all, which he will before long.


Haha....think your spot on.....wannabe it....!


Mmmm....where does one obviously have powerful powers of doubt attributes of your are obviously a Shelrlock.....powers of observation.....boy your good....

You refer to me as a she...when in fact I am a he....crystal ball fail you there.....

I detect an note of recompense in your latest attempt at conversation.......perhaps realisation you are talking merde. !

You make very good points about work shy people in Jersey and the fact that immigrants do jobs that some locals would not do...

But you spoil your posts on negative assassinations of anyone that does not agree with your narrow views....

Which law firm are you attaining to be a partner in...? Or which Parish does Daddy own ....?

Wannabee Lawyer

M'lud Prawn, I must ask you to require the witness to answer the questions put before her:

Does she think there are NO work shy people in Jersey? Or that there are NO small businesses making decent money?


Yes there are workshy people In a small business I am doing ok......but I would employ a Eastern European over a jersey person every day of the week.. Why.....I'm a business and need to survive....and in the current economic climate I get better value from a immigrant that wants to work and before anyone starts....that is for the same wage.....I have employed jersey people, who just are not interested. However do not blame the immigrants blame our incompetent government that will not address the problem....

So I agree with a lot of your points James, I just don't believe in belittling someone to make ones point !


I know a guy that gave up his job in a shop last year so that he could spend the summer on benefits surfing with his mates. And another that now has a very nice waterfront flat - gets up at 10am to go to the gym - and says that his life has never been so good. WAKE UP YOU ST***D POLITICIANS - this is MY money.


I suggest that you write to Le Gresley, and copy it to your Deputy, about these cases then. Indeed, you virtually have a moral duty to do so.


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"


Absolutely agree Loco. (In the context of this blog, all that is necessary for nonsense to be accepted as truth is that good men do not respond).

Fraud Hotline

So Potter, if this is true and not just a rumour, fraud hotline or fraud webpage.

Easy to do and remember, it's your tax money he is spending mate.

Get him reported.


Reported for what? He has all the right to do so.

In France you were allowed benefits after working for 6 months. They soon realized that everybody was strangely ending work after those six month. They paid your full wages for the next 6 months and after the amount went down gradually.

So whatever system you've got, there will always be some to "work" around it...

Job seeker

If he is surfing then he isnt looking for a job, to claim benefits you need to be jobseeking is the way i undertsand it. so yeah report him, unles he "off sick" too


If you are a Jobseeker you have to attend the Workzone at Social Security each week and show them the jobs you've applied for. An easier way for a lot of people seems to be taking the sickness route. Just claim you suffer from panic attacks, backache, blah. blah. I know several people who do this because this way don't ever have to report to the work zone or attend any of their useless courses such as how to write a C.V.