More armed officers in Jersey is an overreaction


THE States police’s plans to increase the number of firearms officers and possibly send armed police to patrol the Airport has been criticised by the majority of people who commented on the story on the JEP's website.

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'Huge demand' for prostitutes in Jersey

jack maguire prostitute prostitution cocaine

AN ESCORT who no longer works in the Island because she fears for her life has claimed that Jersey is becoming a honey-pot for pimp-owned eastern European prostitutes willing to have unprotected sex with local men.

More than 40 sex workers in Jersey

woman lonely backview prostitution prostitute story

MORE than 40 prostitutes – many of whom fly in from the UK to meet clients in hotels – have been working in Jersey during the past year, the JEP can reveal following a three-month investigation into the Island’s hidden sex trade.

JEP reader celebrates winning new car


THIRTY finalists attended the Jersey Evening Post’s Crack The Safe event at Motor Mall on Saturday, and it was 34-year-old Greg Maraszek who picked the winning combination to claim the keys to the new Seat Mii.