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CHILDREN and young people today have a complex and challenging world to navigate.

Being the parents and caregivers for the next generation can sometimes be a bit of a minefield and the added pressures of lockdown have not helped. Finding support, being listened to and understood is so important.

The Little Psychology Co. is a brand-new online on-demand platform that connects parents and teachers with accessible face-to-face consultations with professional child psychologists via video calls.

Founded by child and educational psychologist Dr Samantha Weld-Blundell and recently launched in Jersey, the enterprise is the first of its kind in the UK and is designed to respond to the needs of modern families.

Sessions are bookable seven days a week, with after-hours availability, and are all conducted through your computer, laptop or mobile phone. It’s a Covid-19-safe practice, allowing parents to connect from the comfort of home without the stress of booking time off work, travelling to an appointment or finding childcare.

The Little Psychology Co. offers an on-demand, fast alternative to the traditional routes of accessing child and educational psychology, avoiding the common barriers of meeting thresholds, lengthy referral processes and long waiting lists.

Designed for modern families with modern lives

The Little Psychology Co. offers far more than counselling or support. Being able to talk through your concerns directly with child and educational psychologists allows you to get an honest, trusted, solution-focused overview of how to understand the issues and move forwards.

What is a child and educational psychologist?

A child and educational psychologist is someone who has been specially trained to understand how young people behave and learn. EPs draw on theory and research-based approaches during assessments, consultations and formulations to help to create positive change across a range of behaviours such as:

• Learning

• Social skills

• Emotional wellbeing

• Behaviour and mental health

• Language and communication

• Independence and self-help skills

• Making friends and relating to others

• Developing play skills

• Medical or physical conditions

At The Little Psychology Co., our team of highly qualified HCPC-registered child and educational psychologists work with parents and educators to support positive change. They recognise that every child is unique and individual, and adapt their approaches to meet the needs of each child.

Understanding and support, there when you need it

Whether you’re concerned about your toddler’s development, or how to help your teenager cope with anxiety, a face-to-face consultation allows trained professionals to gain a deeper understanding of your concerns, and work together with you to find ways to move forwards.

The Little Psychology Co. has been designed to offer flexible support that you can tap into when you need it, so there is no pressure to commit to a lengthy course of consultations. It’s child psychology on your terms, anywhere and at any time.

The first consultation is free

Book a free 20-minute ‘little chat’ through the website and choose a time that’s convenient for you – from early-morning appointments to after-work and weekend availability. During that free, no-obligation session, you can talk through your individual situation and concerns with a qualified child psychologist. If you feel The Little Psychology Co.’s services are the right fit for you and your family, you can book one-off consultations whenever you need them.

A qualified child and educational psychologist as well as a parent, Dr Samantha Weld-Blundell started The Little Psychology Co. to offer families an alternative route to accessing traditional Child and Educational Psychology services. Visit to hear Samantha speak about her vision and get a feel for the easy, honest, face-to-face support you’ll receive. Follow on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok (@drsamanthaweldblundell) for regular tips, advice and access to free podcasts that help with popular parenting questions.

Wondering whether The Little Psychology Co. is right for you and your family? Book your first, no-obligation ‘little chat’ absolutely free, right now, and try it out for yourself at

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