Petition to stop ban on pets

A PETITION to stop landlords banning their tenants from keeping pets has been signed by more than 200 Islanders.

Picture: ROB CURRIE.
Picture: ROB CURRIE.

Last month the States passed legislation to stop landlords from discriminating against families by not allowing children to move into certain properties. The move came after Deputy Montfort Tadier brought a successful proposition in 2018 calling on Social Security Minister Judy Martin to remove a ‘loophole’ in the Island’s discrimination laws.

The new petition, lodged by Tony Alves, calls for the States to go further and remove landlords’ unnecessary bans or restrictions on pet ownership’.

Mr Alves said that animal lovers were currently not protected from discrimination at the hands of Jersey landlords.

‘Pet owners face the reality that their family could be torn apart because most landlords in Jersey have unnecessary bans or restrictions on pet ownership.

‘As an island of animal lovers, how can we allow this situation to continue?

‘This is discrimination, pure and simple. The law must change,’ he said.

If the petition receives more than 1,000 signatures a ministerial response will be required.

If more than 5,000 Islanders sign the petition it will be considered for debate in the States Assembly.

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