‘It’s important that Constables can be part of government or Scrutiny’

CONSTABLES continue to play a key role in connecting parishes with government and ensuring that parochial matters are represented in the States Assembly, the newly elected St John Constable has said.

Andy Jehan on his election as St John Constable
Andy Jehan on his election as St John Constable

Andy Jehan was sworn in at the Royal Court yesterday to replace Chris Taylor, who was ordered to stand down by the Royal Court following a dangerous driving conviction and subsequent revelations about his legal fees.

Mr Jehan believes that there is a future for Constables in the States Assembly but that ‘the 12 Constables have got a lot of responsibility in terms of making sure they are fit for purpose in 2021’.

There have been regular calls to reform the composition of the Assembly – with requests for the Constables to be removed due to the inequitable nature of the parish seats.

Mr Jehan said: ‘In my experience as a Procureur, I could see that Constables were able to get answers from government departments because they were Members of the States, whereas other people might not have been able to get them as private individuals. It’s important that a Constable can be part of government or Scrutiny to ask questions which might not be answered otherwise.’

And every household in St John will receive a leaflet by the end of this month in which the newest States Members will spell out his commitment to reconnecting the parish following the forced resignation of his predecessor.

‘Let’s get people talking about St John for the right reasons and there’s so much good about it, so much opportunity, which is why connecting the parish was going to be the theme of my campaign.

‘I’m trying to get people working together, which is what I’ve done throughout my working career. It’s about looking at what’s happening in other communities and bringing the best from them into St John to build on the good things that are here already.

‘I’ll be taking over the parish in a very good position and I’ve spent several hours with the Constable doing a hand-over. I have no doubt that if I have need to call on him for advice it will be given willingly,’ Mr Jehan said.

He paid tribute to the parishioners who had devoted decades of their lives to the service of their parish and said that he looked toward to working with the team.

Mr Jehan also intends to introduce a formal slot at parish assemblies to give St John residents the opportunity to talk to him about current affairs and he also said he would discuss within the parish making roads committee meetings public, following the example set by St Helier.

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