Jail for man who hit victim with pole in town centre attack

A MAN who left his victim lying motionless in the street after hitting him with a pole, kicking and punching him multiple times in a drunken incident has been jailed.

Maximiano Ramos     Picture: STATES OF JERSEY POLICE (28223888)
Maximiano Ramos Picture: STATES OF JERSEY POLICE (28223888)

Maximiano Gabriel Ramos (23) committed the attack in Charing Cross in September, but was only charged after police viewed CCTV footage weeks later. He admitted grave and criminal assault, as well as a separate offence of illegal entry relating to stealing items of jewellery from a private property, and drug possession.

He was jailed for four years by the Royal Court yesterday. The court said it had ‘no hesitation’ in recommending him for deportation. Delivering the sentence, Deputy Bailiff Robert MacRae said: ‘You gave no thought to the victims of your offences. There was some provocation, but that was no excuse for what you did and what we saw on the footage.’

Crown Advocate Richard Pedley, prosecuting, said police were looking through CCTV footage for people of interest in October, when they discovered an incident in the early hours of 28 September.

The footage indicated a verbal altercation had taken place, with the victim initially coming towards Ramos armed with a pole.

After a short while, the victim returned and Ramos took his jacket off and a scuffle ensued. Ramos got hold of the pole and hit the victim twice, causing him to fall to the floor.

It was then that Ramos punched the victim seven times and stamped on him nine times, before leaving the scene.

In a police interview Ramos said he could not recall the incident, as he was drunk, but had woken up with sore knuckles.

The illegal entry and cannabis possession related to 1 October, when he went to St Ouen looking for an advance on his wages to pay his rent at the Shelter.

He was denied this, went to his sister’s house and climbed through the kitchen window with the intention of taking cash.

However, he stole two bracelets, a necklace and a bottle of Dior perfume. He went to sell the items, getting £203 from a jeweller’s for one bracelet. That bracelet was recovered and the other items were found in Ramos’s bedroom.

When arrested by police over the incident, he had a small amount of cannabis in his possession.

Crown Advocate Pedley moved for a sentence of four years in prison.

Advocate Alana Binnie, defending, said the grave and criminal assault was not ‘random and cold-blooded’. She explained that her client was antagonised by the victim, who was holding the pole in a provocative manner, and added that he had pleaded guilty at an early stage.

Regarding the illegal-entry charge, Advocate Binnie added that Ramos was in a desperate position and had lost control of a drug addiction.

The advocate explained that when he could not get an advance on his wages, he panicked and went to his sister’s home.

She asked the court to consider a community service ordered, adding: ‘He feels dreadful for having done something so terrible to his family.’

Sitting for the case were Jurats Anthony Olsen, Steven Austin-Vautier and Kim Averty.

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