Jail for a man who threw pint glass at another man’s head

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A CONTRACTOR from the UK who threw a pint glass at a man’s head on the dancefloor of a St Helier nightclub has been sentenced to nine months in prison.

Albie Thurkle (24)

Albie Thurkle (24) appeared in the Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, after pleading guilty to grave and criminal assault.

Centenier Tony Batho, outlining the case, told the court how, on 30 March, Thurkle had attended the Gin and Beer Festival with three colleagues. At 10pm, they left and went to Tanguy’s, where the group bought a round of drinks.

However, Mr Batho explained how one of Thurkle’s friends repeatedly bumped into the victim and spilt his pint on him – causing the victim to push his friend away. A fight between the two men then ensued.

After watching briefly, Thurkle was then said to have thrown a glass at the head of the victim before putting him into a headlock and pulling him to the ground, where he held him for around 25 seconds. The victim was left with cuts to his ear, neck and face.

The defendant was initially stopped by police officers, as he was covered in blood, but told officers that he had tried to intervene in a fight and was allowed on his way.

However, after officers reviewed CCTV footage, a ‘lookout’ was issued for Thurkle and he was arrested in First Tower during the early hours of the following day.

Advocate Sarah Dale, defending, called for the court to impose a term of community service, adding that he had admitted the offence in full straight away during interview, in which it was clear that he felt ‘embarrassed and ashamed’.

‘My client is not someone who expresses emotion easily and told officers he was mortified and ashamed when shown the CCTV footage. The police report notes that he was clearly upset by his actions,’ she said.


‘He had written a letter of apology to the victim, through the prosecution, and he is a man of good character with no previous offences. A social-inquiry report has also classed him at “very low” risk of reoffending, which is quite a rare category.

‘He has spent 17 days in custody and since then has had very stringent bail conditions while he has been living in a hotel. Because of his curfew, it has meant he has essentially been stuck in his bedroom, which has placed a significant restriction on his liberty and he has not been able to leave Island to visit his fiancée.’

In sentencing, Relief Magistrate Nuno Santos-Costa told the court that it had been a very difficult case to preside over.

‘I appreciate that this was a moment of madness, fuelled by alcohol, but that cannot be considered mitigation. The problem is that the court has continually stated that its policy with glassing is custodial and I cannot deviate from that,’ he said.

‘This was not an accident and you threw the glass at his head and it hit his head – you are lucky it did not shatter or it could have caused more serious injury.

‘I therefore sentence you to nine months in prison – it is with a heavy heart that I do so but that is the policy of the court.’

Ed Taylor

By Ed Taylor


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