Beekeepers on front line in fight against killer hornets

JERSEY'S beekeepers are being enlisted to form the first line of defence against a dangerous invasive insect with the potential to decimate the Island's honey production.

Beekeepers on front line in fight against killer hornets

Members of the Jersey Beekeepers Association will shortly be issued with special insect traps from the Environment Department to protect their hives from Asian hornets, which were first spotted in the Island last summer.

The association, which is celebrating its centenary year in 2017, also wants Islanders to help prevent the predatory hornet from getting a foothold in the Island.

Asian hornets are active between April and November and a single colony can contain about 6,000 insects, and just one can eat up to 50 bees in a single day. Nests are usually found in tall trees, sheds and garages.

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