Ah hang! It's the ruddy Jersey dictionary!

Though some of your suggestions were unprintable, a selection of the better efforts - comprising both Jèrriais and Island slang - are below:

Ah hang! It's the ruddy Jersey dictionary!

Ah hang – An expletive, thought to be equivalent to 'oh hell'

Ah bah crie - a Jersey expletive

Beeshies - a slang term for sideburns

Colînmachon - A Jèrriais word meaning a snail

Creftón – Someone who is tight with money, especially when it comes to buying drinks

Grolliebag - A handkerchief.

Mullard - Someone who is a bit daft or unintelligent

Pushdang – a bike.

Ruddy - A euphemism for the term slightly more taboo term 'bloody'.

Sheg - another word for mate

Full report and list of words in Wednesday's JEP.

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