Cricket: Perchard confirmed as new Jersey captain

Charles Perchard
Chuggy Perchard's first task will be preparing Jersey for inter-insular battle before they head for World League Division 5 in South Africa. Picture: MARTIN GRAY

FARMERS-CAESAREANS bowler Chuggy Perchard has been unveiled as the new Jersey cricket captain, head coach Neil MacRae has confirmed today.

The 24-year-old, who has represented the Island at ten ICC tournaments dating back to 2010, will replace Peter Gough at the helm, following the left-hand opening batsman’s decision to step down from the position last autumn. Perchard will be supported by vice-captain Anthony Kay.

‘Chuggy is an experienced international cricketer,’ said MacRae.

‘He’s had good experience around the squad over a number of years and developed into a leading bowler in the side, whose performances in the two World League tournaments last year were both consistent.

‘He captained the side in the final game in Division 4 in Los Angeles, during the win over Italy, and has developed into one of the senior players in the team.

‘We have a number of players in the squad who have good leadership and are consistent performers, therefore meaning we had several good candidates.'

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