Jersey celebrate narrow victory over Leeds

Jersey Rugby Club came from behind to score a tremendous win against Leeds in the Championship at St Peter this afternoon.

Nicky Griffiths returned as Jersey’s scrum-half
Nicky Griffiths returned as Jersey’s scrum-half

Jersey Rugby Club came from behind to score a tremendous win against Leeds in the Championship at St Peter this afternoon.

In wet and muddy conditions, they beat the visitors by 20 points to 17, the Islanders clinging onto their narrow lead in the final nerve-wracking moments of the match.

Having trailed 3-10 at half-time, Jersey were put under pressure at the start of the second half, but fought off the challenges until they broke through the Leeds defence to score their first try.

A successful conversion brought the score to 10-10 with just 20 minutes to go, and an inspired Jersey team then went onto score a second try. Another successful conversion and a penalty kick from Michael Le Bourgeois gave Jersey a 20-10 lead.

But Leeds were never going to give up and another try and successful conversion brought them to within three points of the Islanders, a lead Jersey just managed to hold onto until the final whistle.

It was Jersey's third win in the Championship Division and second over Leeds.

• See Monday's JEP for full report

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Comments for: "Jersey celebrate narrow victory over Leeds"

Simple Sid

Wow they won!

Support Your Island

fantastic drama

fantastic win

fantastic effort

transfer that home form to Moseley on 5th January guys...

Bean abroad

Bravo Jersey. A fantastic advertisment for the island


I went, and really enjoyed it. I'm mainly a football fan, but I've been completely converted.

However, seeing the atmosphere and excitement there, made me realise what a truly terrible mistake the Jersey Football Association are making with their course of action

Support your island

Beaumont. Totally agree with you. If you go around the ground you will come across many ex local footballers from Muratti players to those of C team standard who would have followed Jersey FC. I've followed JRFC for 6 years now but would have followed the football team if they had done what Guernsey had done. So come on Jersey RFC, hang in there and get those points to keep us in this league.

Chuffed to bits

Outstanding effort, brilliant, whoohoo!

Merry Christmas to all at JRFC.

Niggling point...

I may be totally incorrect, but is a "touchdown" a rugby term? Never has been as far as I'm aware, even though I haven't played for ~30 years...

If it's not (and I don't believe it is), if anyone knows Tim Pryor at BBC Jersey, can you please tell him? Verbal asthetics it may be, but this is NOT american football, it's a proper game :)

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