Five Jersey eyesores - how did this happen?


THE JEP is today throwing its weight behind a new campaign calling on the States to celebrate, restore and revive what makes Jersey special.

The campaign is being launched in partnership with Save Jersey’s Heritage to focus the thinking of those responsible for our public spaces on how our Island should look and feel.

And we want you to help lead this important public debate and to say how we could make things better. A major feature of the campaign will be looking at how so many parts of the Island have been blighted by a clutter of signs, bins and wholly inappropriate street furniture more suited to motorways than a small island with its own unique identity.

And we want you to share pictures of areas you think have been blighted by bins, banners, bollards and other street furniture. Please email your examples – and share your thoughts - to or message our Facebook page.

Here are five of the worst examples, in no particular order.

Mont Orgueil Castle

That’s one way to spoil one of the best views in the Island – stick a load of signs in the way. And then let them rust a bit.

Public Realm Top Ten Terrors. Mont Orgueil signs

La Rocque Harbour

A quiet harbour. A lovely cobbled slip. A granite wall. What more could you ask for? That’s right – five signs and a bright yellow phone box that hardly anyone uses.

Public Realm Top Ten Terrors. La Rocque slip

The Weighbridge

Here you will find every type of street furniture. Surely any motorist wanting to take any of this in would need to pull over and park for the day.

Public Realm Top Ten Terrors. Weighbridge clutter

Green Lane rules

As if it isn’t difficult enough trying to keep to a 15 mph speed limit, drivers are increasingly having to observe a multitude of signs.

bad signs picture christopher scholefield

St Catherine

No one wants to stand in the rain while waiting for a bus. But surely this shelter is more in-keeping with a city centre than our lovely St Catherine?

bus shelter at st catherine

We’d love you to add to this list – please email the contact details above.

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Comments for: "Five Jersey eyesores - how did this happen?"


The Weighbridge: Who would want to sit and look at the ugly yellow Huelin's frontage?


the worst thing to spoil a view is up at Les Platons, its called .........Guernsey lol.


Normans frontage Jag, French firm i am told , by 2020 flats by Dandara .


Green is the colour,Guernsey is our name ,when the mist comes down, we do not see

you, 0 what a shame.

Hic Hic Hic

Cheap Labour at any price!

It's a sign of the times!


How about the hideously creative use of every time of traffic "calming" possible in and around St Mary's village?

Squawkie L Pelican

JEP declare WAR on signs, because in the olden days we all knew where we were, there were no speed limits, pixie were waiting for you at the end of cult de sacs to magic you to you destination, tourists were savants...

Have you declared war on the highway code JEP?

Remember the headline for the Inn on the Park flats? "Magnificent". I found your bought sycophancy as ugly as they are now.


Ahh yes, the "much admired" Inn on the Park flats. Now looking very grubby, and if you look at the parapet wall on the top, you can see the breeze block structure actually showing through the grubby render. And this remember, is supposed to be the good stuff! How did this happen? Jersey has a complete lack of any long term vision. And most of our politicians are the visual equivalent of tone deaf. Jersey is obsessed with the short term, covering itself with great big lumps of buildings (because they are deemed 'trendy'), kitted out with low grade finishes. The fabric is then guaranteed to weather badly, and the trendy tics and fads are destined to be tomorrows old hat....

Come to think of it, the road signs and lamp posts are the least of Jersey's planning problems. In fact, I suspect some of that street furniture may fare better, and survive longer than some of those new buildings.


Is this a joke? There's only one real eyesore in Jersey and it starts when you arrive by boat. St Helier looks more like Hong Kong now compared to the lovely town it used to be 20-30 years ago. I'm not against progress but I am against ugly architecture.

Squawkie L Pelican

Your rose tinted glasses must have blocked out the sheds, the weighbridge and the abbatoir. It was a right mess 20 or 30 years ago, looks much better now.

I reckon I was much nicer to look at then and all.