Liberation Day: Bailiff calls for Island to reclaim its identity


LIBERATION Day should be an opportunity to reflect on Jersey’s traditions and reclaim the Island’s identity, the Bailiff has said.

In his annual address to mark the anniversary of the Island’s Liberation from Nazi forces, Bailiff William Bailhache said that the phrase ‘the Jersey way’ had been abused to represent all that is wrong with the Island.

He called on the phrase to be reclaimed and used to show the Island’s tolerance, integrity and compassion.

Mr Bailhache said that thousands of EU nationals lived and worked in the Island and that ‘Jersey’s national day today is for their communities as well’.

Having begun his speech in Jèrriais, the Bailiff told those gathered in Liberation Square that it was important to ‘treasure our institutions’ like the Island’s national language which was so prevalent during the Occupation.

Full round-up and pictures of Liberation Day events in Wednesday's JEP.

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Comments for: "Liberation Day: Bailiff calls for Island to reclaim its identity"


I'm always dubious of what he calls the "Jersey Way". When is someone or something going to liberate us from this government we have at the moment.

Shoot to Thrill

The Jersey Way always uncovers the truth.

Squawkie L Pelican


Island Strife

The thousands of Eastern European immigrants he refers to are the very reason the Jersey identity is being eroded.

Islanders are being "ethnically cleansed" by proxy due to the unchecked and actively encouraged immigration policies of this and previous governments.

No doubt the racist accusations will follow this post - I'm not one - just a once proud islander making an observation about what I see as the state of this island.

Finance wages have encouraged many, many people here - whatever happened to the "if we have to hire from UK, then they must train locals to take over these roles at the end of their contracts" policy ?

I never saw any examples of this haooening in 25 years in finance, just swathes of new people filling junior and administration roles that could easily have been filled locally and "local contracts" being signed to allow thousands to stay when contracts expired.

This coupled with seasonal hotel workers and of course the constantly propped up building industry are why we have more people here now than the current infrastructure can cope with.

That IS the actual reality of this new Jersey identity - to make comments about reclaiming it is embarrassing.

These so called "politicians" are culpable for eroding it in the first place.

Sotte Voce

I too saw the self-contradiction in what he said.

He's about as out of touch as the "who are the Beatles" judge some years ago.

Sotte Voce

He has a bee in his bonnet about the expression; he came out with the same speech at the Royal Court some time ago.

He was appointed to that position due to the "Jersey Way" so he shouldn't be too sensitive about the popular perception of the term!

Tim South

The Carswell Review Panel noted, that they were unaware of any other democratic jurisdiction outside the Channel Islands, no matter how small, in which a judge presides in the legislature.

About the same employee, is it not strange, even immoral when taxes and user pays charges increase at more than the cost of living ( driving license recently up 25% ) while benefits and services are cut, yet the Bailiffs wage packet increases in times or recession from 2008 when it was a juicy £249,000 per year, to 2015 when it is now £339,999 ( State’s of Jersey Accounts ). This may give some clue as to why he wants the Jersey Way to continue and be re spun, why wouldn’t he ?

I’m all right Ian m’a boy eh, you and your ministers voted to keep me in office,

Squawkie L Pelican

Of course he wants to preserve the Jersey way. £300k a year with manservant, who can blame him?

Sotte Voce

Not forgetting the recent (but fleeting) job advertisement for a "Bailiff's assistant" at 90 plus thousand a year.

One of the prescribed duties was to "write the bailiff's speeches".


The jersey way was lost many years ago...Island Strife says it all


It's the brotherly/family way within the dictatorship of Jersey

Sotte Voce

I remember a documentary reporter reciting in incredulous terms in 2008 that "Jersey is the place where the chief prosecutor and the chief judge are brothers"


It is with a sense of amusement and sadness that I read the Bailiff's attempts to redefine "The Jersey Way" into respectability. He is in no small way responsible for the disrepute in which the term persists.

Many institutions are lining up the ducks in advance of the expected report of the Inquiry on 3 July next. For example, the BBC seem to be exorcising much of their earlier material on Haute de la Garenne and on the Maguires from the internet.

The Inquiry itself has been revisiting much of its online material and "tidying it up" to use the polite term for this. I noticed this myself in the case of Graham Power's statement submitted to the Inquiry. It was redacted before it was posted, in order to protect both the innocent and the guilty, but it has since been further redacted and in a most clumsy way which violates the anonymity previously accorded to one Jersey notable.

An update to my own earlier blogpost explains this is some detail.

Interesting times we live in.

Pól Ó Duibhir

I just realised that my earlier comment is logged under "Irlpol". As I explained some time ago in my blog, in response to a challenge from the editor, I opened an account in my own full name.

So I just wanted to confirm, for the avoidance of doubt, that "Irlpol" is me and that, unlike some of the Jersey commenters who may have legitimate reasons to opt for anonymity, I am thankfully not in that category..

Shoot to Thrill

Syvret's Troll is back.

When is he giving evidence with this Train he keesp on telling us is coming down the track?

Only had 9 years to date, ha ha ha.