French wind farm could affect the Island’s bats, experts warn

Ani Binet, volunteer researcher for the Jersey Bat Group, said that the migratory routes of local bats, such as the pipistrelle (inset), could be disrupted by the presence of wind turbines off the coast

JERSEY’S bat population could be threatened if plans to build a wind farm 23 miles off the south coast of the Island are given the go-ahead, a conservation group has said.

Ani Binet, volunteer researcher for the Jersey Bat Group, said she was concerned that the migratory route of the bats could be disrupted if the wind farm is built. She spoke out after an independent commission in France, which oversaw the project’s public inquiry, gave the development its approval.

The préfecture of the Côtes-d’Armor in Brittany is currently considering a planning application lodged by French wind farm developers Ailes Marines.

If approved construction of the facility, which would sit in French seas close to the boundary with Jersey’s territorial waters, could begin next year, with electricity being generated by 2020.

Miss Binet, who won the JEP’s Pride of Jersey Environmentalist of the Year Award last year sponsored by Jersey Electricity, said: ‘There is evidence to suggest that bats follow air currents when migrating which is also where wind farms tend to be placed.



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Comments for: "French wind farm could affect the Island’s bats, experts warn"

Squawkie L Pelican

The ruminations of an expert aren't evidence, the Environmental impact of this project will have been examined and consulted on a lot.

Don't get me wrong, I love the wee beasties, ocean acidification caused by CO2 absorbtion in the ocean worries me more than all of the environmental issues in the world put together, these whirlywafts are a step towards fixing that.


Seemingly nobody can win, ever. Reduce fossil fuel usage! Reduce carbon footprints! Recycle!

Right, let's get on it then, let's really push some renewable energy bats!!


I am sure they will bear the bat in mind when the final decision is made.


Hi there,

I represent the Seawatch Foundation based at Oxford and Bangor Universities Zoology Faculty and I represent the French National Natural History Museum in Jersey and the Groupe Mammalogique Normand in Jersey who are top European ecological specialists who are also top European Bat specialists and we realise that 62 massive pylons will have colossal concrete bases which will affect sediment build up and currents and noise pollution of the marine environment and be a shipping hazard and effect the marine ecology irreparably affecting marine mammals of one of Europe's largest coastal Bottle-nosed Dolphin populations and big numbers of seabirds including feeding Ganets with Alderney's and Brittany's Gannets breeding near us comprising about 5 % of the world population and a large proportion of Europe's seabirds migrate around the Minquiers reef side of the Channel which is Internationally important for rare migrating seabirds in Internationally important numbers which will be massively affected by this poor investment as wind is not always adequate to provide electricity production here and our electricity supply from Normandy is above our needs in energy requirements so we do not need this development which will require French mainland maintenance and thus a bid for the management of the Minquiers reef fishing waters by French interests in a centuries old bid for our 2,200 square kilometre waters in Jersey's Bailiwick which is far more profitable to French fishermen then to EdF who are backing the Ailes Marines development which I am an investor of in EdF which is profitable thanks to low costing energy production from about 60 nuclear reactors which provide energy continually when wind turbines only work when wind is adequate. It is a potential political bid to access our lucrative fishing waters which is already open to French fishermen who hope to consolidate their claim after Brexit is triggered next month which will deal the end to our finance industry and an end to our huge fishing business with France which France can pick up off us as our economy falters next month after the triggering of Brexit. Jersey's economic heyday is over now Sterling will soon fall and London and Jersey finance business will relocate to Frankfurt and fisheries business will move from France to the Minquiers reef fish filled waters after this wind turbine construction project of a missive 62 huge many of hundred of feet high pylons which will have a negative effect on currents and our marine ecology and on ecotourism of Dolphin watching by about ten Jersey rib charter businesses craft here which is lucrative to Jersey.

a point of view

I know I'll get called a grammar nazi or some such, but it's terribly difficult to take seriously somebody who writes in 260 word sentences. I can't imagine he get published much in academic journals.


It's an "Escort Rs Turbo" of a post and very energetic it is too.