Arts festival finds new home after ejection from Grouville Common

Phoebe Sargent (10), Scarlett Sargent (10), Ella Cottini (12) and Sophie Woods (9) with Helen and Nathalie Walker enjoying last year’s Spice Arts and Music Festival Picture: TONY PIKE (17460089)

A POPULAR family festival has found a new home after being told by an ancient feudal body that it could no longer be held on Grouville Common.

Following a Facebook appeal last month, Bianca Padidar and Sarah Jordan – the organisers of Spice Arts and Music Festival – have been given permission to use Coronation Park in Millbrook for the event in September.

Mrs Padidar said: ‘It is going to be a fantastic venue which may enable us to make the festival a bit bigger, but we will be able to continue to stage the same live entertainment and music, give space to local artists and designers and

put on educational projects.’

For the past four years the festival has been held near Gorey Village, attracting thousands of visitors to the area.

The Spice Festival is due to take place on 9 and 10 September.




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Comments for: "Arts festival finds new home after ejection from Grouville Common "

constables out

One door closes!!

C Le Verdic

Won't be quite the same, somehow.

It was something to go out East for. Coronation Park doesn't have the magnetism of Gorey and I fear the event will lack the 'What's going on over there?' factor. Passing motorists are usually on a mission to get somewhere else in the Millbrook area, it can be a bit too near the sea lettuce for wanting to stop.