Jersey actor Jonny Labey wins first ever series of ITV's Dance Dance Dance

©ITV Plc
Jonny Labey performing his solo on the first Dance Dance Dance show. Pictures courtesy of ITV Plc

Former Victoria College student Jonny Labey has won Dance Dance Dance.

The ex EastEnders star and his girlfriend Chrissy Brooke have become the first-ever champions of the ITV show.

The duo achieved a perfect score of 120. The judges told them they deserved every single point.

His family were watching the show at the Seymour Inn.

Lucy-Jo Hudson and her friend Rohan Pinnock-Hamilton were runners-up with an impressive final score of 117.

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Comments for: "Jersey actor Jonny Labey wins first ever series of ITV's Dance Dance Dance"


Well done Jonny, you were really really good and Crissybwas awesome. We in Jersey are very proud.

Mickey Mouth

We in Jersey? The regulars at the Tuesday mid morning church bingo club?

constables out

Mr Battle 2017

Mickey Mouth

Good call. A truly fitting accolade.

Mickey Mouth

A proud moment in both Jersey and world history. Wining a reality TV dance competition cannot be over hyped in my book. Well done Jonny (sic) you have inspired a nation with the awesomeness of the shuffling of your feet and the rhythmic gyrations of your hips. You have made the world a better place which is only exceeded by the fact that fate determined you were born in Jersey.