Market turns off the power for virtual-reality company

Vizuality co-founder and director Phil Morris with simulation developer James Montgomery

A JERSEY company that set up one of the world’s first virtual-reality studios has gone into liquidation.

Vizuality Jersey Ltd, founded by Phil Morris and Fred Meyer, had been developing virtual-reality equipment, which appears set to become the next must-have home entertainment format.

However, Mr Morris said that the company had been too early for the market, with other big-name brands delaying the release of their devices, which allow users to explore virtual worlds using a special headset.

In September Vizuality announced it had opened a studio in Liverpool, with the co-founders saying the technology could be used to play games or explore architectural plans, and also had educational and therapeutic applications as well. They also planned to open a business in Jersey.

And Mr Morris and Mr Meyer had developed a way for multiple users to explore the same virtual world within the same studio – something not yet available in the commercial market.


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Comments for: "Market turns off the power for virtual-reality company"

constables out

Some of the Logfiller funds could have helped them to hold on longer, at least they have a product!!


Jersey will never have a silicon valley, you need millions to the power of...... in R&D, marketing and the rest to play against the big boys. I don't think they were to early....more like too late. Bring back nightmare on our tv's!!!! loved that program.


It's certainly exciting tech but it is a small market atm, personally I'm still waiting for a headset that's good enough to purchase, tried the Rift yesterday and it's just not there yet. If you're not a mega million dollar company and want to begin developing in VR I'd start incredibly small and don't give up your day job.

Mr Sensible

Just give ozouf a ring he will give you £400,000 to waste

Mickey Mouth

Fair play to them for having a go.