Jail for town sex attacker who stalked lone woman

Alfredo de Oliveira, who was jailed for two years and eight months

A SEXUAL predator who stalked a ‘vulnerable’ woman through the streets of St Helier late at night before indecently assaulting her has been jailed.

Alfredo de Oliveira, who has a previous conviction for following lone women at night, watched as his victim separated from her friend and pursued her before forcing her into a shop doorway to carry out the attack.

In a victim impact statement, the woman said that the assault had ruined her life, adding that she had since changed her appearance in fear that de Oliveira would recognise her.

Yesterday, the 37-year-old was jailed for two years and eight months by the Royal Court and placed on the Sex Offenders Register for seven years after pleading guilty to indecent assault.

The prosecution also asked the court to issue a restraining order – of a kind never before imposed in Jersey – which would ban de Oliveira from approaching or following a lone woman at night, claiming that the defendant ‘represents a threat of serious sexual harm to the public’.


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Comments for: "Jail for town sex attacker who stalked lone woman"

karaoke joe

Two years and eight months. People have had harsher sentences for theft. This sentence is far too lenient he has a history of offending this is so wrong.


How can women feel safe once this predator is released and why can't they deport him?

Mike C

Hang the bugger, he won't be able to actack anymore woman. The only REAL way to deal with murders and sex offenders.

Mike C

Hang the bugger, he won't be able to attack anymore woman. The only REAL way to deal with murders and sex offenders.

C Le Verdic

'Looks like you've already said that!' (as I'm accustomed to reading when I send things twice)

I'm still trying to work out how your connection pulled off that double post, which will no doubt go down doubly well with all 'right' thinking Jersey readers.

Simple sense

This person is seems to be a menace and is clearly ill and in need of psychiatric treatment, which I would expect he should receive in prison, but better still to just deport him. With time off for good behaviour I suppose he will be out in just over a year and no doubt untreated for his psychological defects. Not good enough and a continuing danger to women.

Realist Human

Sentence is a joke and he should be deported, he has ruined a young woman's life we need to ruin his!



Un Vrai Jerrias

I agree this sentence is a joke.

He should be deported immediately.

There,s a long time now that I have been saying that all non natives who commit crime on this island should automatically be deported on conviction. It would also help the population/employment situation