Condor agreement could be ‘torn up’ for new ship

Senator Lyndon FarnhamPicture: PETER MOURANT
Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham said: ‘This investment into Jersey is helping to diversify and grow our economy, increase tax yield and create job opportunities for local people.’

CONDOR’S agreement with Jersey could be ‘torn up’ to enable the operator to improve its fleet, Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham has said.

Yesterday, the ferry operator released its long-anticipated comprehensive service review, which analysed its operations and included a recommendation that the company could improve its fleet if it were to be given either a longer operating licence or a subsidy from the governments of both Jersey and Guernsey.

Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham said that he was due to meet his Guernsey counterpart, Economic Development president Peter Ferbrache, next week and, following that, senior representatives at Condor, to discuss the review.

He added that the while it was still too early to say what the outcome of the review would be, it presented the opportunity to ‘tear up’ the operating agreement and renegotiate terms in a way that ‘suit all parties better’.

Condor and Ports of Jersey signed a ten-year operating agreement in 2014.



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Comments for: "Condor agreement could be ‘torn up’ for new ship"


What part of get rid of Condor does that man not understand. Not sign us up a to a longer contract with the rubbish company.


Time for Guernsey & Jersey States to buy a ship(s) themselves I think. Let Condor's contract expire, and get rid of them.


Worst idea every. Can you imagine this government setting up a shipping company?

1 Employ consultants at £1,000 per hour

2 Employ a MD - £250,000 per year

3 Employ 10 other managers at £100,000 per year

4 Buy 2 of the most expensive vessels possible

5 Find they cannot fit into the harbour

6 you get the picture.....................

Tony B

The nerve of Condor is just unblievable!! and the Poloticians just go with it.

Rob St Peter

A new agreement to "suit all parties better"?

That would be a massive the existing contract seems to only suit Condor.

Grumpy Git

A new contract.

Buy them a new ship.

They still take the Mick out of the 'new contract'.

Then walk away (sorry sail away) with the new ship.

Are the States crazy, well we know they are but can't they smell a rat ?


Get rid of Condor, states to buy ships, GET REAL.

Condor has served the islands well for nearly half a century, yes it has had it's issues, what company hasn't, but it is shorting itself out and coming up with solutions.

I can't believe the same people who complain about the States and the way they conduct business, ignore the (so called) will of the people and waste money. Now want them to set up a company to buy ships and provide a service to the island, even though organising a binge drink in a beer production emporium is not something they would be able to add to their CV.

I seem to recall Guernsey going down a similar route and getting it's fingers burnt with Aurigny, look at the loss their airline is making !


At last the truth is out there - Many of Condor's passenger sailings are less than 1/2 full - the Islands harbour facilities are inadequate and overall the operator is struggling to cover its significant costs. Meanwhile, the ignorant rant on about what should be done on the basis that they know it all !!!!


When Emeraude was on the route they had a small ferry that was used a lot in the winter, and as overflow in the summer where they used to do an extra crossing to France. CONdor is running huge half empty ships so why don't they invest a smaller amount in one that would be economic and be there as back up for their frequent breakdowns?


But Emeraude got into trouble and could not pay for its fuel and harbour dues. Rather than help, Leonard Norman, now Constable of St Clements arrested its ship. The rest is history. If we could wind back the clock, a smaller ferry like Solidor 5 buzzing around on the southern route, which is not subject to tidal restrictions would be great asset - it could do 3 rotations between St Malo and Jersey when busy plus one to Guernsey

Simple sense

So we are stuck with Condor till 2024 it seems. Who "negotiated" a ten year agreement for heavens sake. Five years would have been more sensible let alone this apparently one sided arrangement, get into jail free card, we have now. The outlandish suggestion that Jersey and Guernsey should renegotiate the agreement using the same team, who failed so badly before to look after the travelling islanders position, beggars belief. If we renegotiate anything with Condor, we need and should pay, for the hardest most competent trade negotiators we can find in the English speaking world. The sort of people who "you check your fingers are still attached" after shaking hands on a deal as the proverb says. Sadly the days of mutual respect in the existing agreement are long gone. Oh and another point, we need to specify the requirements of the new vessel and not Condor, and that will cover sea trials, certification for cross channel operation in Force 8/9 by two independent bodies or international repute, and penalties for late delivery etc.

the original bill

So Condor are doing better apparently. It's not hard to do so though, is it not?


Its about high time that the original 'person' responsible for signing this agreement was made to be accountable for his utterly disgraceful action. He has single-handedly ruined what was once a decent if not passable ferry service, completely wrecked the tourism sector (especially for Guernsey) and made the travelling public's lives a complete misery. The sooner he is sacked the better.