Minister under pressure on nursery cuts

Deputy Rod Bryans, Education Minister. Picture: JON GUEGAN
Deputy Rod Bryans, Education Minister.

PRESSURE is building on Education Minister Rod Bryans to scrap planned cuts to free nursery care, with some politicians considering voting against ministerial spending plans in protest at the ‘damaging cuts’ to education.

As debate on the Medium-Term Financial Plan Addition continued yesterday Deputy Bryans said that following Wednesday’s States decision to extend proposed cuts to free private nursery care to also cover States nurseries, he will now be consulting officers and schools.

Members backed an amendment to the MTFP Addition, which sets States spending until 2019, brought by Deputy John Le Fondré to means-test access to the 20 free hours of nursery education provided to children in the year before they start school.

The JEP contacted all other ministers asking if they thought that the proposed cuts to free nursery places should be reviewed in light of the amendment being adopted, but none responded.

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Comments for: "Minister under pressure on nursery cuts"


Like all the proposals this week they were poorly presented and fought for,

Mezec especially performed badly.

Finding Me:Mo

I thought that blocking the health charge was a spectacular success for Mezec et al.

What exactly do you mean Digger.


I take it that the States members you voted for let you down too!

Finding Me:Mo

The unexpected star for me was Deputy Bree, he was clear ,rational and principled. It is worth watching Ian Gorst attacking the newels on the chair back in front of him after each of his speeches.

As most were lost 18:27 it only needs five new progressive politicians next time to match the 'Establishment Party'.

Then there was Peter Mac...................