Blue Islands’ boss: ‘It has been a nightmare’

Blue Islands’ managing director Rob Veron

BLUE Islands’ managing director Rob Veron has spoken of the company’s disappointment following two ‘nightmare’ months of disruption to inter-island services.

Fog led to cancellations and delays on 15 days during June and morning flights were cancelled earlier this week, with further disruption on Friday. The airline has also suffered operational issues and crew sickness.

Business travellers have responded with angry complaints and the Jersey Chamber of Commerce is now suggesting that the inter-island route should be put out to tender.

Mr Veron is due to meet Economic Development Minister Lyndon Farnham next Thursday and said the two had spoken several times by phone.

Read an interview with Rob Veron in The Business section of the JEP on Wednesday.




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Comments for: "Blue Islands’ boss: ‘It has been a nightmare’"

Mr Sensible

Just give the MD of condor a ring, he will give you a load of bull S$$t excuses to use, he is full of them.

Finding Me:Mo

So what about the problems before that time? Such as the weekday , mid day cancellations from London City in mid and late May that you don't even bother to reply to formal complaints on.

Fog? humbug?


This : if you treat your customers like dirt e.g abandoning them at LC airport it will come back and bite you

Simple Sid

All Travel services by sea and air should be put out to tender, there needs to be more competition as what we have is rubbish!!