VIDEO: Teacher’s science rap video goes viral

Christian Foley performed the rap at a school in Hackney, London

A VIDEO featuring a Jersey teacher rapping scientific terms has gone viral, with millions of people around the world viewing the clip.

Old Victorian Christian Foley was filmed performing the freestyle skit for pupils at Cardinal Pole School in Hackney, London, during their science week.

The video, which shows the 24-year-old rapping phrases including ‘I’m a slow-flow lyricist / I bring in the light when I’m swinging a mike / I’m bringing the light like it’s photosynthesis’ has attracted attention from around the world, with national newspapers and websites including the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Huffington Post all featuring the story.

And since the video became an internet sensation, Mr Foley - who aside from teaching is a ‘spoken word MC’ and has confirmed that he will return to Jersey to perform in July’s Reasons Festival and the Festival of Words in September - has seen downloads rocket for his debut album, Jumpers for Goal Posts.





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