Did Ted Heath abuse children in Jersey?

Mr Heath at a book-signing at the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club in July 1976
  • Allegations that Sir Edward Heath abused Island children on his yacht

  • Former Prime Minister one of many people of ‘public prominence’ currently being investigated by the States police

  • 45 people being investigated under Operation Whistle for historical child abuse offences

  • 13 of those were described as people who are ‘well-known’ public figures, including celebrities, politicians and sports people


ALLEGATIONS that former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath took vulnerable Jersey children onto his private yacht to sexually abuse them have come to light after the States police emerged as one of five forces across Britain investigating the late politician.

On Tuesday, Sir Edward, who was a Conservative Prime Minister between 1970 and 1974, was named by the States police as part of an ongoing investigation – codenamed Operation Whistle – into historical child abuse in Jersey.

Today and overnight numerous allegations against the ex-politician have surfaced.

edward heath rag out
How the JEP reported on one of Ted Heath’s visits to the Island

Among them are claims that he would take children from the Island’s former care home Haut de la Garenne onto his yacht.

It is alleged that his boat, the Morning Cloud, was anchored outside Jersey waters and therefore beyond the Island’s jurisdiction.

None of the claims have been confirmed by the States police.

It is now known that as well as the States police, the London Met, Wiltshire, Kent and Hampshire forces are also investigating claims of sexual abuse.

A JEP report from July 1976 documented one of Sir Edward’s visits to the Island to promote his book Sailing – A Course of My Life. He attended a dinner in St Helier, where he was welcomed by then Advocate Helier Mourant and Bill Challinor, commodore of the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club.

During a speech, Sir Edward, who died in 2005 aged 89, is reported to have said: ‘According to your Deputy Bailiff [Peter Crill], people in Jersey are engaged in one of two things – sailing or crime.’

Speaking to the JEP, former Senator Pierre Horsfall said he recalled ‘very briefly’ meeting Sir Edward at a dinner at the L’Horizon Hotel in the ‘mid-1970s’.

‘He seemed a normal chap,’ said Mr Horsfall.

‘He was an an ex-Prime Minister, so one treated him a little differently, but he seemed a perfectly normal chap.

RECORDS Internment 1

'He spoke about nothing but his association with Salisbury Cathedral.

‘I was not aware that he came here on his boat.

'I know that he sold his boat to a man from Jersey.

'I have been trying to remember it but I can’t.

‘It was a very brief chat with him.

‘There must be hundreds of other people who met him while he was over here.

'I can’t really remember who was at the dinner – lots of banking people.’

Yesterday, the States police confirmed that Sir Edward featured in their own investigations.

However they declined to reveal the nature of the allegations or how many allegations they had received.

The national allegations surfaced this week after the Independent Police Complaints Commission announced it was investigating Wiltshire Police for allegedly dropping an investigation into Sir Edward in the 1990s.

In a statement the Jersey force said: ‘The States police can confirm that they are aware of the UK Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation into historical corruption allegations relating to child sexual abuse in Wiltshire.

‘Sir Edward Heath does feature as part of Operation Whistle, currently investigating historical allegations of abuse in Jersey.

'The States of Jersey Police continue to work in collaboration with their UK-based Operation Hydrant counterparts.’


Historic sex abuse allegations
Ted Heath at the helm of Morning Cloud. It has been alleged that he anchored the yacht outside Jersey waters and therefore beyond the Island’s jurisdiction




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Comments for: "Did Ted Heath abuse children in Jersey?"


We have the COI and nobody has even mentioned Ted Heath to date so where have these complaints come from all of a sudden?


There was no mention of Edward heath when the States of Jersey police released their press statement in June.

So why do they say he was being 'investigated' before anyone in the UK knew what was going on?

Is this to 'show Jersey police in a good light in the forefront of this alleged abuse'.

I don't know how far they'll get, the lsat lot of police to do this was vilified.