Condor strike to continue

A strike by Condor Ferries' crew in France will continue indefinitely until the company agrees to French pay, conditions and safety regulations, a seafarers union has said

Some of the Condor staff who are on strike
Some of the Condor staff who are on strike

Services between Jersey and St Malo have been cancelled since Condor staff in France walked out on Thursday.

The company said there would not be any sailings on Saturday because of the inclement weather - irrespective of the ongoing strike.

Laure Tallonneau, an inspector for the International Transport Workers Federation who is affiliated to France's CGT Union, said that industrial action would continue until workers' demands were met.

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Comments for: "Condor strike to continue"


I hope Condor dont back down. Sack the moody French staff and replace them with people who smile and are polite


happy well paid staff , work well .

and you mind find them become very cheery , if they have the going rate .


Where do you suppose we will find this type of staff , certainly not from Guernsey ( Island of the Miserable )

Alan Curry

Well done to the French staff, I applaud their actions even though I'm unable to get to my home in France.

Condor have ridden "rough shod" over their French employees and it was only a matter of time that they took action.

Condor have brought this on themselves with an uncaring attitude and needs to wake up to the requirements of Jersey as an island and it's fragile links to France and a wider Europe.

Sort it out, it is not funny.

What people may forget is that there are Jersey residents stuck in St Malo with their own transport i.e. cars, unable to leave them and get back home to Jersey as flights are also non existent.

This is Condors problem, they are not offering to help stranded passengers, and will they be paying for all the hotel accommodation of the marooned passengers. Why should stuck passengers who through no fault of their own have to pay for not just a nights extra stay through bad weather, but two weeks because Condor has issues with it's French staff. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that they only have weekend sailings.

A disgraceful situation,


The part about Condor not offering to help stranded passengers is not true.

I was due to travel from St Male to Jersey on Sunday, and I can confirm that Condor could not have been more helpful.

Without asking, they offered to transport me and my car with Brittany Ferries to the UK so that I could get a UK-Jsy boat.

Awesome service. Thank you, Condor.

Warren J

I think some people just want to have a good moan !


Hope the States think long and hard before giving Condor a long lease at the harbour. Why they could not give it to P. & O.

Casual Observer

Because P&O have shown no interest investing on to the route. Extraordinarily high capital costs, long journey times (fuel burn) and servicing small island economies is not a winning economic combination.


They did not tender for the route you may as well ask why Virgin did not get the Guernsey Alderney air franchise

Warren J

No one else wants to tender for the route !


Bring back LD ferries brilliant company end of !!!

Big Mac Quarrie

Michael, do you mean H.D Ferries? L.D. Ferries, is live and well and is constantly expanding its fleet and routes. I think it may also be flying a french flag!


The French unemployment rate is 10.9 % and youth unemployment at a staggering 26%. Unit labour costs are too high and I hope Condor do not give these workers French contracts because our fares will have to be hiked as well. The French economy is in a mess and militant unions and high taxation are not the answer.

David Forde

They can cease to operate as far as I am concerned, It's just another High tariff charging outfit like JT . Have stopped using them years ago. Cheaper to fly and hire what you need .

Warren J

Just booked for a weekend away in June with a couple of mates - £186 for the three plus large car - I have absolutely no issues with such a fare - the cost of flights and hire car would be £600 + and we would have to carry all of our gear

Innocent Bystander

the French have this habit of striking when ever they feel like it, i'm not sure i remember a single year that passes without one french harbour or another striking because they feel like it.

In a time when most of us feel lucky to have a job these idiots decide to strike and disrupt everyone elses livelyhoods.

shame you cant sack the lot and get in some people who want a job.


I completely agree to this statement - well said !!!

Anthony Sherman

Why do we always give in to the French? All they do is moan. They agree to EU rules but never enforce them. If Condor stand up to them they will give in - look at the two world wars - they rolled over in the face of firmness and then bleated for our help. Hold fast Condor.