Axing bus route a major threat to tourism, say top attractions

SOME of Jersey’s top tourist attractions have hit out at plans to axe a bus service which they believe will have a devastating impact on their already struggling visitor numbers.


SOME of Jersey’s top tourist attractions have hit out at plans to axe a bus service which they believe will have a devastating impact on their already struggling visitor numbers.

Transport and Technical Services announced last week that the old Connex Explorer route, which stopped at popular visitor sites, will not be replaced with a similar service this summer.

As a result, tourists can only reach attractions using a regular bus route and in most cases will have to return to St Helier before setting off to visit another site. Many of the sites, particularly those in the rural parishes, are served by only a handful of buses each day.

The managing director of La Mare Wine Estate, Tim Crowley, whose bus service has been significantly reduced as a result, said there had been a lack of consultation over the changes. ‘Without any warning, our service has been reduced by 70 per cent during the week, while our Sunday service has been cut by 80 per cent,’ he said.

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Comments for: "Axing bus route a major threat to tourism, say top attractions"


Oh Dear , bring back Connex ...


I never thought that the JMT should have been pushed out for Connex. They provided a good service that, if I remember correctly, didn't cost us a fortune in subsidies.


Hero to zero, we had a great bus service so why was it replaced? This new bus company has been a disaster right from the start, late buses, early buses or even no buses, do you think they know what a timetable is? Tourism is on its knees and now we will peanalise the visitors by more inconvenience, let them use our normal routes instead of the explorer service (they can suffer like we are). I went to get the bus in from Sandybrook this morning, gave up after 15 mins of waiting ---- The service is not getting any better!!!!.

Keith Drury

What are Mr Lewis and his Department trying to do to the Tourism Industry in Jersey ? Myself and my wife (who is a wheelchair user) are regular summer visitors to the Island, and we have always relied on the buses to get around during our visit. We were especially happy with the Explorer service, which enabled us to get from place to place without recourse to a tiresome return to St Helier every time. Also, all the Explorer buses had wheelchair spaces, which made them doubly useful. I cannot believe that the States have taken the contract from Connex to give to a Company who obviously have ony one motivation (i.e. PROFIT ! ) and pay no heed at all to customer needs.

Tony B

Not according to CT+ Company propoganda! They are a NON profit organistion, presumably that's why they can't afford to run services.


Has anybody watched the film "Groundhog Day" were you wake up everyday and the same thing happens?

We are now back in the same situation as we were when Connex started.

6.00AM "They say we're young and we don't know,We won't find out until we grow"....

We will be the same when the next bus monopoly is put in place.... no change in Jersey, same old bus service. Cost -Millions of public money in subsidies.

Tony B

Any wonder car ownership is so high?

Rex Barker

There has never been an adequate explanation as to why Connex was replaced by CT+. If it was purely economic now we can see how the savings are to be made--reducton in services.

The loss of the Explorer routes is another blow to our tourism industry and to the Island's economy.

Of course many residents also use these routes as the only way to move around much of the country Parishes without travelling in and out of St Helier.

There is still time for a swift U-turn.


TTS allowed this?

Who the hell said this was OK?

Well done, well done, another nail in the coffin of the shrinking tourist industry.

You couldn't make this stuff up.


Well what do you expect. Deputy Lewis has messed up the buses right from the start, did anyone really expect anything different now. It said in the paper recently that CT Plus run the bus service the way they want, if that is the case they are as much to blame as the Transport Minister. Think we need a bus company who knows what they are doing and a Transport Minister who knows when its time to leave

Daniel Weatherly

They are right. The number of busses is too high. The same with number of planes landing on the Island every day, and boats coming from France. Do we need so many?

Let's allow tourists to rent horses? Why not? It's quiet, clean (sort of).

On the other hand... do we really need tourists going around the Island? Shopd in St. Helier need them too. Maybe this is the point????

Bandiera Rossa

The buses on the route I use are about 10 minutes late for 80% of the time.

The new proposals will solve this problem by axing 4 stops - marvellous !

I had to laugh on Saturday when local radio said that the snow had not caused disruption to any of the roads. Liberty Bus announced that they weren`t experiencing any problems and "buses were running to schedule".

Adios Companeros


Maybe I am naive here but why don't the buses do what they do on Guernsey and have a service that covers most of the island outer roads and the tourist attractions operating every 15 minutes or so as opposed to 3 Explorer routes. It would then mean that the buses wouldn't be too packed or if so then there would be another one fairly soon

Then you could have local areas covered for residents such as Grouville, St Peter/airport, St Aubin and all other residential areas being doubled up.


Exactly what I said over a year ago, my letter was printed on the Editor's page and I got loads of anonymous letters telling me I was stupid- who's stupid now??


That'll larn yuh. Fancy having a sensible idea like that. No wonder people mocked you. It's not the Jersey way you know.


I am also a regular visitor to Jersey.Used the Explorer a lot .I enquired early last month and were told there would be no explorer buses.I was told there would be ample buses on the normal bus routes .Jersey is going backwards with buses,bad enough losing tourist places.i have been visiting the island every year since 1988.This is not the way to go .Not good for the islanders or visitors.This is just another way of destroying Jersey.The idea was to improve bus services but they have been destroyed.Do the states and the bus company not realize that the queues and bad tempers from people having longer waits and packed buses are not good for the island.You had a good service with Connex it just needed extra buses and routes that ran later.We are over for 3 weeks in May,looks like we will not be going to half our normal places to visit.Wasting time backwards and forwards to St Helier. Something needs to be done ,before Jersey loses what visitors it still gets.I pity the islanders for such a downgraded bus service,Mr Lewis should be taken out of office and the bus company made to put services on that people need.Its bad enough having packed buses and having to stand when you are elderly, but this is going to be all the time in the tourist season.Time the people of Jersey got what they asked for.A decent bus service. Connex were on the right track.


We were planning to use the explorer service this summer. It would have been very handy as we will be staying in st Brelade. So now we have to consider hiring a car and adding to the congestion on the island. I thought ctplus were going to provide a better service because they didn't have to pay shareholders. Where I live in Cambridgeshire, the buses get better and better but it looks like jersey is going backwards and not embracing green tourism.


The States of Jersey must be very confident that they can prosper by financial services alone, as the tourism trade seems to be getting trashed at every turn, by some dismal hotel services I've experienced personally, by less than sympathetic development plans, and now by a much deteriorated bus service. What a shame.


Bring back connex! this is rediculous the explorer routes are great, providing transport all around the edge of the island.

new owners = :-(