Fears growing for Island motorsport

THERE is increasing concern over the future of major motorsports events in the Island – including the Jersey Rally – because of the move to phase out super-unleaded fuel in the Island.

The Jersey Rally attracts top UK entries and is always well supported by Islanders
The Jersey Rally attracts top UK entries and is always well supported by Islanders

THERE is increasing concern over the future of major motorsports events in the Island – including the Jersey Rally – because of the move to phase out super-unleaded fuel in the Island.

When the decision was announced last week, there was an immediate outcry from owners of high performance machines who are likely to find supplies running out early next month.

Owners of such cars/motorcycles would be able to use additives to the standard petrol to protect their engines – but that is strictly forbidden for sporting events.

The head of the Jersey Motor Cycle and Light Car Club, which organises a whole plethora of sporting events, including the Five Mile Road Sprints, the Bouley Bay Hill Climbs and Jersey Rally, is not impressed with the amount of contact, or the content, with Fuel Supplies (CI) Ltd.

Club president Richard Buchanan said: ‘They do not appear to have a plan, just vague suggestions – nothing I can go back to my members with. This is going to start in March. If you are going to introduce a change as big as this it needs to have had a lot of thought and planning.

‘I don’t want to sound alarmist, but I do feel as though the ground has been cut away beneath our feet.'

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Comments for: "Fears growing for Island motorsport"


Not just Motorsport !! have a look behind the filler cap on your car , then talk to the garage about what happens when the wrong fuel is used. Claims will be big for engine damage and car's are been sold knowing the wrong fuel is been used!!!!!

In Talks

I have spoken to Trading standards today, If a car which is supposed to run on super unleaded(97ron)is for sale by a dealer then they have to tell the customer that as soon as you drive off in your car the warranty is void as the correct fuel is not supplied in the island.

I don't know why the garages aren't getting behind this as well, their voice would get heard.

Save Super

If an article is going to be written about this please make it correct.

High performance vehicles will not be fine running octane boosters. Most of them contain MMT and lead, which cause harmful deposits to build up ruining engine internals, it is also a health risk, that is why leaded petrol was removed from pumps years ago. They do not improve the quality of the lower grade fuel either.

Rubis are proving to be beyond a joke, and not taking into account public interests.

City Boy

The lack of political support to oppose this decision by Rubis leads me to wonder if this is really part of a master plan to rid the island of fast vehicles in all forms by third party design rather than political decision.

Tax Payer

From the number of fast vehicles that are being crashed at the moment, some into each other, I think they are taking themselves off the road.


OUTRAGEOUS they have the public over a barrel in a monopoly... Why dont they end regular and make the "default" Super? Its better for cars, mileage, safer and the environment..

Mark Lowe

In defence of the Motorsport side of this the event throughout the year attract UK crews to the island and family and service crews like the Jersey Rally. Not only will this event be under threat with the fuel, but during the low season the amount of Rally folk that come to the island including myself that have visited for the past seven years might think different now and in this economic climate how much revenue for hotels, B+B's and shops will lose as it was said before island major motorsport events can make as much as a million pounds in a week for local economy buy people that come in from the UK supporting the Jersey Rally. there will be teams that will possibly think twice now at coming over. I have had people from Ireland asking about the Jersey Rally and have shown them what the event has to offer as well as the island of Jersey through the tv programme which was aired last year and promoting island culture.

If Rubis carry on with this then the island will lose out on income when it promotes itself as the warmest place in the British Isles to visit and I hope ferry companies like Condor and travel booking agents tell their customers that run super unleaded in their cars before they book to come over for holidays and such. it will affect a lot on the island that Rubis don't seem to have taken into account.

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