Historic hotel to be demolished and rebuilt

A MAJOR scheme to redevelop an historic hotel at the Weighbridge has been approved.

An artist's impression of the scheme
An artist's impression of the scheme

A MAJOR scheme to redevelop an historic hotel at the Weighbridge has been approved.

Local property developers Comprop (CI) Ltd have been given permission to redevelop the Southampton Hotel, which currently houses Traders Bar on the ground floor, to make way for offices and a new restaurant.

Under the plans the existing buildings will be demolished with part of the front of 14 Weighbridge Place being kept.

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Comments for: "Historic hotel to be demolished and rebuilt"

C Le Verdic

It would make an ideal police station, or a university.

the thin wallet

good i hope it creates work.

Jerry Gosselin

Maybe the decision to demolish the Sir John Soane-influenced Colomberie House created a handful of temporary extra jobs for foreign construction workers back in the mid-1990's. And it certainly greatly improved the prosperity of the bosses of Coopers Lybrand Deloitte. However, nearly two decades later, does anyone seriously believe that those flimsy, one-off financial gains for a few individuals justified the destruction of a great building that the distinguished architecht C.E.B. Brett regarded as being of considerable importance?

The same thing will apply to the demolition of the Southampton Hotel. Although not nearly as important as Colomberie House, future generations will look back at old photos of the Weighbridge and ask why on earth Jersey didn't consider it worth bothering to preserve the frontline buildings next to one of its most historic and best-known locations, when many other cities and towns across the world DO consider this to be worth doing. Have all the other civilisations got it wrong or do we just not have as much civic pride as them?


I hope this is reflected by a change in the planning law ?? as it was my understanding that a listed building cannot be demolished or changed and should remain, that is the law... So this means that anyone else who also owns a historic listed building will also be granted planning permission to demolish... There cannot be one rule for one and another for everyone else can there! Cannot wait to apply to knock my house down and rebuild. This sets a precedent in my view.

the thin wallet

that block of buildings , is very very tired.

i wonder if you can still roll bottle down the hallway of the flat above traders or the finsbury as i knew it .

the southampton frontage is very nice , and must be kept .

the artists impression looks great , a improvement on the worn out rubbish that is there now .

but i know what you mean, i did hear of people having to retain old junk that no one will ever see.



Planning will allow demolish & rebuild if the builder promises to rebuild the frontage like for like. That's the new precedent.

Grumpy Old Woman

With them keeping the frontage of The Southampton the proposed building doesn't really look too bad. But do we REALLY need yet more offices?