Radical plans to overhaul health care

RADICAL plans to completely overhaul health care in Jersey, including building a new hospital and more care in the community, have been formally published.

A new hospital is among the plans
A new hospital is among the plans

RADICAL plans to completely overhaul health care in Jersey, including building a new hospital and more care in the community, have been formally published.

After years of work and months of public consultation the new way forward for Health and Social Services has been proposed by the Council of Ministers and has been officially lodged with the States this morning. It will be debated on 23 October.

It proposes major improvements in children's health and early intervention services, enabling the elderly to live in their own homes longer through better community support and complete reform of the Island's mental health services with a focus on reducing medication and keeping those with mental health issues active and in work.

Islanders at an increased risk of cancer and other diseases would, under the plans, also receive better support to help them make healthier choices and those at the end of their lives would have control over where and how they are cared for in their final months.

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Comments for: "Radical plans to overhaul health care "


I thought they already had those with mental health issues active and in work in the States dept.


Brevity,surely not!

What puzzles me and has done for many years is why we try to do everything on island.Surely we could concentrate on doing the essentials really well and outsourcing much of the specialist work.We have on our doorstep one of the finest healthcare operators in Europe with enviable records in many areas,could we not enter into some form of partnership with La Manche and/or Brittany to utilise their system which could longterm include training/teaching etc.I feel that this could be beneficial in many areas.


And you think Social Security will heliport you to Rennes when they make you wait 6 months for an operation ?

I doubt they do it for Southampton.

French social security is one of the best in the world. But to access it from here you would have to go private, which is always coming back to the same point: Unless you have the money , you can wait in pain and start counting how many teeth you gonna have left before you hit 50.


Just for the record,emergencies are airlifted to Southampton so the shorter stretch of water would alone be beneficial.As I said a form of partnership between our health authorities should not be beyond the whit of man to investigate.A proper grown up approach to our future health care should be possible not just an easy/lazy UK option.If the Netherlands could supply such an aggreement hey ho why not,we should be looking to the best.Of course cost is important but not as the only driver.


Get the bridge built then you won't need to 'copter them across.

Housing problems solved at a stroke and access to proper food and cheap access to Europe and many, many, other benefits. Bring it on.

the thin wallet

can you catch the wiff , of compulsory health insurance in the air?

talking of outsourcing, i belive there is a 3,000 bed hospital in bangalore india.

Charlie David

About time it is in an absolute mess at the moment.

God's Mentor

I pray that this works - although fear that there isn't the intellectual ability to make the vast improvements that are sadly required.

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