Mystery boom shakes buildings

AN investigation has been launched into the cause of a mysterious boom which shook buildings across the Island on Saturday afternoon.

The mysterious boom was heard across the Island
The mysterious boom was heard across the Island

AN investigation has been launched into the cause of a mysterious boom which shook buildings across the Island on Saturday afternoon.

Hundreds of Islanders reported hearing a loud bang – similar to a sonic boom – at 1.04 pm.

The boom was so loud it rattled doors and windows from Gorey to St Ouen and even measured on the Island’s seismograph in St Aubin.

But despite speculation that the noise was caused by a military jet travelling faster than the speed of sound, Jersey Airport has confirmed that no aircraft capable of causing such a noise was in the Island’s airspace at the time.

And Jersey Met Office has confirmed that it is unlikely that any meteorological phenomenon could have caused the noise.

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Comments for: "Mystery boom shakes buildings"


I thought it was the states members dropping another Clanger !!

The Bean

It WAS a plane - you could hear its engines shortly after....


On the golf course at Grouville you could clearly hear an aeroplane for at least 20 seconds flying at high altitude immediately after the boom.

Carl Marx

Sorry that was me , ive been at the beans and Rice Thai style again .


WW2 bomb exploded on the beach somewhere out of sight ? it is possible what with high tides constant wind and lots of rain .it was very noisy at st clement .worse than a sonic boom .



Jersey Airport may be unaware of any "aircraft capable of causing such a noise was in the Island’s airspace at the time", but from my balcony on Queen's Rd., immediately after the "bang", the was the distinctive noise of a jet engine (not very loud, so probably quite high), apparently heading north-west.

Possibly a military aircraft with a low radar profile, exactly the sort of thing Jersey Airport would not be made aware of!


Mjolnir de Jersiaise

Well I saw a military jet flying low over the island for the third time in the past couple of months. There's something weird going on here...


The MOD tests stuff over the waters round here. Remember the Guernsey UFO spotted by Ray Bowyer etc? Giant golden' 'disc hovering over the sea near Guernsey...most probably some kind of surveillance dirigible being tested without knowledge of Jersey air traffic control.

Likewise here - some kind of military technology being tested without the Jersey authority's knowledge. Wonder what???


Good point. Do you think it went to Area 51 afterwards?


Probably not as Area 51 is the USA mate.

Big Banger

I heard it too. I believe it was Starburst Fireworks test firing some goods prior to the Jubilee celebrations.


It was the wake up call......

letting middle Jersey know they've had their chips, time to man the liferafts .


...... strike up an independent course?

Emma Royd

Perhaps a "Stealth" aircraft that wouldn't have appeared on the Jersey Airport radar ?

the thin wallet

the nearest , seismic activity, would appear to be italy( looked at IRIS website, global activity),

quite large tremors, well i think they were.

but the time of tremors in italy do not correspond with our mystery.


Could it have been an alien spaceship? :)

percussion discussion

I was just leaving a house antiques contents auction at Five Oaks. The auctioneer was in the rostrum and selling, then a huge boom from what I thought was a southerly direction and the percussion was substantial.It stopped him in his tracks with words over his mike to the effect of what the hell was that?I used to live in London and experienced the IRA bombings and felt the percussion after the explosions,even though a mile or more away. This was similar. Had wondered at the time if the cannon at Elizabeth Castle had been fired with a double charge!But in the absence of evidence on the ground and no aircraft capable of this in our airspace at the time, it remains a mystery. Wonder if a piece of space junk or a meteor passing through the earth's atomsphere at supersonic speed could account for it.Though presumably these are tracked. Was it also heard in Guernsey or the French mainland?

JeRsEy JoKeR

It was the penny finally dropping in the states chamber that the island is in dire straits.


There are many french military aircraft operating in Brittany who fly above Jersey controlled airspace (which has a ceiling height) above that height the french military can do what they like, so mystery solved.


I heard it on St Catherine's Pier.

It sounded to be in the sky out to the East and I could definitely hear an aircraft very high up in the clouds. It appeared to be travelling very fast as it moved from out at sea to behind the pier and up the East Coast within 10 seconds maybe. It was a distant jet up in the clouds but was moving very fast so I think it may have been a sonic boom from some kind of stealth aircraft?

Pip Clement

Perhaps it was Pip Ozouf's economic boom?


.... but not yet, not before we are already!


Seemed to last too long for a sonic boom and more like an explosive shock wave - loud lifeboat alarm? Builders dynamiting foundations? Seemed to come from the east or north east of Grainville. Cloudy so couldn't see the sky


jersey radar would only be monitoring lower planes not ones flying at or above 50,000 ft ...there are steath planes based in england....


All that day RAF Aircraft including 9 Typhoon Eurofighter aircraft were in the area because of the flypast for the queens jubillee. There was a no fly zone down to close to Alderney. I doubt very much that Jersey ATC would be able to disclose to the public that £125m RAF Aircraft was in its Airspace.

Just a theory as the times don't really fit.


I do hope the Jubilee flypast doesn't involve Typhoons flying over the palace at supersonic speeds. It sure would make the Royal Standard flap a tad.

Oak Rap

I had just popped into the conservatory for something when the loud bang made me jump in shock. Sounded like the local kids' football had slammed into the glass.

I then wondered if it was freak lightning because there was a rumble, but it went on for half a minute at a consistent level so it was obviously a jet.

Somebody needs to ask the French (or UK military) to be a bit more considerate :)

Local Lad

That was almost certainly a sonic boom & Jersy's air traffic control must be a bit dim to issue a statement like that one as we all know that the military have aircraft that will not be picked up by radar & if they are operating at high altitude would'nt be controled by them, plus do you think that if the military was testing an aircraft they would inform anyone, I don't think so.

Remember in the military classified or top secret means just that.


I was on the north coast and it was definately a sonic boom - a double boom actually, followed immediately by the sound of a jet engine screaming. Having attended many Battle of Britain air displays I know the sound of a military jet engine roaring into the sky. That is exactly what it was.

No mystery.

R B Bougourd

What ever happened to the canon des îles?

I haven't heard it or seen it mentioned in the paper for may years.

It was never explained convincingly.

Sonic booms were not uncommon in the early days of Concorde. They could be heard on almost every day crossing to Weymouth.

Why the Typhoons would rehearse the jubilee fly past in the channel is a mystery. Traditionally this is done over the southern North Sea near Southwold.

JeRsEy JoKeR

It was Ozouf's jaw hitting the floor upon hearing that he isn't very popular.

JeRsEy JoKeR

The bottom falling out of the finance industry?

Collapse of the Housing market?

The island settling into new foundations due to the number of people and cars on the rock?

Guernsey celebrating the theft of another piece of the finance sector from Jersey?

The RAF doing surveillance trying to locate Bailhache for a special ops mission?


It was Simon Cowell in his private Concorde jet...


Didn't really think about it at the time but now that you mention it... I heard it right down in St.Saviour's Road... came from over the hill, thought it was the College up there at first, usually hear them firing off canons and such, but no, it was definitely from further away. Come to think of it, I do remember vaguely some engine noise shortly afterwards (don't take my word for it) but I'm 100% sure that I thought it was a Canon at first and thinking that it didn't seem any of the usual 'local' sounds.

Jersey Beany

This just hasn't happened here its happening around the world look on youtube for worldwide news reports... heres a link for one of them


I was out on the SE coast on Saturday afternoon and heard the plane soon after the boom so all this mystery and a need for an investigation is a waste of time.


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percussion discussion

So the consensus is that it was a sonic boom after all, from an aircraft.Mentioned the low pass of unidentified jet fighters fairly recently, to a friend at the local auction viewing today and he said that he saw them clearly and they were French.


I think this happen at least once before?

Maybe in 1963¿?¿?

Anyone else remember it?

Of course we ALL remember the Clangers and it looks like they will continue....


nuclear power station ,but they wont tell us for months .