Islanders want a coastal national park, says planner

ISLANDERS want action to be taken to protect Jersey’s beautiful coastline and would support the creation of a national park, according to a UK planning officer.

ISLANDERS want action to be taken to protect Jersey’s beautiful coastline and would support the creation of a national park, according to a UK planning officer

Alan Langton, one of the independent planning inspectors carrying out a public inquiry into the draft Island Plan, said that there was a groundswell of support for a coastal national park.

However, he said that there would be a few issues arising from some shared concerns.

He made his comments yesterday on day two of the Island Plan public inquiry after listening to debate on the subject.

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Comments for: "Islanders want a coastal national park, says planner"

Nellie Macon

No we don't want a national park or there will be tracks and paths and accessways all over it - all we want is for no-one to be able to build on it and for it to remain in its unspoilt condition.


How about a Mountain Bike trail centre up there? this would preserve the beauty of the area, bring in some tourists (it's big business in the UK now) and provide new leisure facilities for islanders.


While I would be at the forefront of any coastal preservation..beware the small print many claim to want the right thing then slip in at the last long as we can develop here,here,and here....Ah Truthseeker you always see reds under the bed...not so ask the residents at Le Pouquelaye who were hoodwinked between the developer and Planning....a scandalous loss of perfectly good trees and privacy....they just don't care..all they want is dosh at the expense of the environment...don't wait till the kids ask."What happened to the trees Daddy..?

piston broke

Islanders want action, how many islanders? Will those that want this action put up their own money.

There will obviously be some self interest. Especially at this time the tax payers should be should be taxed to provide for the basics not to pay for the totally useless ideas of arty fartys. Their are already enough laws in place to protect our coastline and of course the planners have just admitted in a disgraceful episode that they do not know the planning law. We as tax payers continue to pay these fools are we stupid?


A lot of islanders did not want allotments at les creux but they were ignored,, turn plemont into a motorsport center its very big business not only in the uk but across europe too

Tim South

Truthseeker number 4, I have to agree with you, our planning department makes it up as it goes along. After public consultation about the trees and promising the earth, someone at planning signed the permit to have them ripped down.

Where was the environmental minister protecting the landscape and nature of course it’s the same Freddie, minister for planning boss of the department who signed the permission for the developer. Is this not called being conflicted.

I heard the talk back programme the other morning and I looked on for this report, but eventually found it on,

After reading about the disgusting way that the Pinels were treated running a small business called Reg's Skips nothing would surprise me now.

We have another States department not fit for purpose. They say one thing then do the opposite showing complete contempt. Good luck with a national park or even a town millennium park, based on present performance from an expensive and dysfunctional department


On what basis does he come to the conclusion that "there was a groundswell of support for a coastal national park"?

Ole Razzy

To have a national park you need to be a nation first. Yawns....

R B Bougourd

I expect that there will be a groundswell of support from all those who imagine that the value of their houses will increase.

ehhh what ?

I don't remember any one asking me if I wanted a national park ???


Nellie Macon is absolutely spot on...I really do not trust what is now always a hidden agendas...will some politician jump up and down about leaving unspoilt countryside without or managing or otherwise tinkering and thus ruining it....

Pip Clement

If it becomes a National Park then expect a National Park Office, plenty of space available in Liberty Wharf and handy for Tourism, a visitor centre complete with guides plus an officer or two charged with looking after the flora and fauna.

prick up your ears

The National Park idea was the subject of special meetings open to the public and was part of the consultation on the Island Plan. If you don't get involved then you can hardly complain that you were not asked - ehh what - or start assuming hidden agendas. I think it is a good idea that will help to restore a sense of pride in our natural environment.


The man cannot and does not speak for islanders..islanders want the open space left unmolested....which is a very different thing altogether.........


The term 'National Park' has a fairly strict, internationally agreed, meaning - they should be large areas of unspolit wilderness where there is little evidence of human intervention e.g. in the UK, the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales or, in America, Yosemite or Yellowstone. They have a minimum size and special authorities to look after them.

To refer to Jersey's coastal areas as a 'National Park' in the same breath as those mentioned above is laughable and cheapens the definition. It would be a costly and pointless exercise. Sure, St Ouen's Bay is very nice and so is the north coast...but hardly of National Park status.

These areas are already largely protected from development, but if we're worried about protecting them further, then by all means beef-up the level of planning control calling it the 'Protected Coastal Zone' or something similar. Like other commentators, I'd like to know where this supposed 'groundswell of support' comes from for the establishment of a national park in the island.

Real Truthseeker

I DON'T: I want a motorbike tarmac race track. If I want trees, I would plant one. If you want to visit trees, go somewhere else. Jersey is a place to live.

As No. 10 said: No-one asked me!

TRUTHSEEKER: I can name you thousands who don't want land left purely 'untouched'. THere is such finite space here, let's make the most of it.

Speak for yoruself TRUTHSEEKER, and stop speaking for 'islanders', who you DON'T REPRESENT!

Nellie Macon

13. Prick up your ears

The "National Park" being proposed here is a "managed" one with disabled access, "hides" for birdwatching, parking facilities etc. according to the plans - yes, I have seen them and I did bother to find out what was being planned because I love this Island and care about what is going to be left for my grandchildren to enjoy - or not, at this rate!

Nellie Macon

One more point to bear in mind - Planning start off with an "essential" small building, then it becomes surplus to needs or maybe there aren't funds to upkeep it and the next thing you know, it's a brown site and eventually is replaced by a house! That's the Jersey way and the only thing to do is resist any messing about with the these areas in the first place.

born in the 80's

Post no2 TheKlein. Now why would they want to do that. I mean it would only benefit Jersey, might help tourism a little as you say the Alps, UK and USA are great mountain biking vacation destination attracting 1000's of tourists who spend real cash and add to the economy, oh and a good mountain biking track would assist with people's health and excercise. Only downside I can see is....wait...i'll have to come back to you on the downsides...nope thats right there is none.


every day another land scam erupts...De Faye a failed politician responsible for the ugly and unnescessary and way too expensive incinerator,hooks up with architects to try and revive the desecration of St Aubin....this must be resisted...the ruination is now so fast as to be an emergency that needs halting.