Terry Le Sueur is Chief Minister

Senator Terry Le Sueur is the Island's new Chief Minister.

0573885_2_cropped.jpgSenator Terry Le Sueur is the Island's new Chief Minister.

He was elected by States Members in a secret ballot today, winning 36 votes compared to 17 gained by newly-elected Senator Alan Breckon. They were the only two candidates to have come forward to replace Frank Walker as the head of the Council of Ministers.

Both Senator Le Sueur, the Treasury Minister for the last three years, and Senator Breckon, the Jersey Consumer Council chairman, gave speeches to the House before being questioned by their colleagues.

The States met this morning after existing and newly-elected Members had taken their oath of office in the Royal Court. They return on Thursday to elect Ministers  and chairmen of committees and scrutiny panels.

• Full report in Tuesday's Jersey Evening Post.

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Comments for: "Terry Le Sueur is Chief Minister"


Again the Government have not listened to the public. They are fools! It just shows the power that the establishment have. Hopefully they will loose their power soon.


This is a black, sad day for Jersey and I fear for the future far more from this man than from any global recession.

Those politicians that voted for him have stabbed Jersey in the back and violated the trust put in them by the electorate.

Pip Clement

What a surprise!

And on Thursday and Friday all the usual suspects will become Ministers.

The new COM will bear a strong resemblence to the outgoing COM and the policies will be the same.


This man is a joke and will even make Frank Walker look like he knew what he was doing


Common sense vote. Well done the States!

Mr Suffering

This is a great decision, a real life robin hood story. But this one steals from the poor and gives to the rich. Hopefully he will bring in more taxes for the poor and let the big corporations off they deserve it. Maybe he also look at bringing in GST TAX TAX, where we pay tax on GST TAX. Also 50 means 50, can't wait for that one. If only more young people would vote, we could get rid of these old idiots out of the states and elect people that understand the real world and the struggles of daily life. The only good thing is that Walker has gone! Helium anyone


Thats a relief, at least there are still some sensible people around to vote TLS in and the world hasn't become ruled by JDA malcontents with no qualifications and no track record.


God help us.


okay, jokes over, now who will really be the chief minister ! WHAT A MISTAKE TO MAKE.


The final death nail in the coffin for Jersey. The 'Old Boys' still rule the roost. Er, game over?


I agree let gets more young people in (directed by their old mothers).


Just read the news! My heart sank!

Pip Clement


Full speed ahead on the Esplanade Quarter :-(


good result

and thank the Lord for bringing in GST when we did - just watch what happens to Guernsey's economy in 2009 if you think otherwise.

tax has to come from somewhere and I'd sooner have the Island run by someone who thinks everyone should pay tax rather than those who believe someone else can pay it.

the future

Make the vote public or make them sit an IQ test its either stupidity or vested interests voting here.


tweedle dee.. now tweedle dum..

will the last person to leave switch out the lights


The States are not deaf to the fact the Jersey public WANT the democratic right to elect their own leader, they simply choose to be! Even when they have the exclusive power to elect, this is the result. Nevermind there's always next time.....


The only sensible choice. TLeS is one of few intelligent qualified states members. Some mistakes made, but at least he seems to do what is required as opposed to what is popular and for that he deserves credit.


Good grief, we're doomed for sure!

bean abroad

what can i say!

out of the frying pan and into the fire!!

Bad times!

Why is the Chief Minister not elected by the public? He is now 'the most powerful' man on the island and represents Jersey to other governments/institutions. I for one do not feel he represents my island and would put my support behind a more democratic way of voting for the Chief Minister that could better represent Jersey.

Moving to Guernsey

Well I'm just dumstruck. Okay I agree there was not much choice, I personally would have struggled with the decision, but Le Sueur!! Right that's it, I'm packing my bags and moving to Guernsey!!


Thank goodness. At least the bitter 'politics of envy' crowd didn't get their way. And i bet Nellie Macon is huffing and puffing as she has been unable to blow the house down.


Excellent news! just because he's local doesn't mean he's not fit for the job!

Mr Facts

Well done to all States members who voted Mr Le Sueur as our new chief minister. The next 3 years will be extremely challenging for Jersey. To have someone with intelligence, integrity and professionalism at the helm is precisely what this Island needs. Tough decisions will need to be made, and given his drive to implement the new GST regime - which is absolutely essential for Jersey's future - Mr Le Sueur has proved he is more than capable of making those decisions.


Again it shows that the so called elected assesmbly totally ignore the voice of the people.

I have nothing against Mr Le Sueur as a person, but come on! on the international stage we are going to be laughed at! Frank had his problems but at least he could stand up and be counted amongst the political heads.

GST - Get Stuffed Terry was so true

Pip Clement

During the election campaign all the candidates were asked if they would support Terry le Sueur for Chief Minister.

Virtually none of them answered despite the fact that he was a declared candidate.

Yet 36 of them have voted for him!

Talk about vote catching, how many people would have supported them if they had known they were going to vote for Terry le Sueur?


well thats the end of Jersey as we know it!

As for having a secret ballot what a load of tosh it should be a public vote as he is meant to be here for the good of the public!

But as per the norm the states never listen to us and just please themselves! whats the ole saying (im alright jack **** you)


The Old Boys return... great!

We vote... they don't listen!

Same old same old


A very sad day.


We get who we voted for! (not me!) Let's see the members have a little backbone and vote in some "Change" ministers!

Bruce Labey

More of the same from the crew of the Titanic. Full steam ahead! (Nonsense, they don't come this far south).


Paul (No 14) - well put, so true!

Bruce Labey

Channel TV's online poll shows that 68% of the Jersey public believe that TLS is not the right man for the job! 68%! Well done States.


Oh dear.

Up to you all to make sure that TLS voters don't get in the states. Once the senatorials went the way they did, even the slightly more balanced deputy results wouldn't be enough to sway things away from this result.

Hope the 17 can help minimise the damage this will do to Jersey.

Mark’s perspective

The mood of the readership is clear and very negative. It may be considered sad but who better was there?

I fear that Ian Le Marquand was only too right in believing none of the current crop was up t the job. Let’s just hope that a future Chief Minister is lurking in the shadows.

My Opinion

So no point in voting as the elected are not representing the view of the voting public. A very sad day for Jersey politics...........will i vote again probably not!


I think differently, this is great news for Jersey. People say it went against public opinion? Well how many people voted? A few hundred perhaps? I think it would have been a disaster if we had got a leftie in as our CM.

Well done TLS and good luck!


How can we have a Chief minister who hasnt got the faintest idea how ordinary folk live on the Island.


Well there's another nail in the coffin of 'democracy'....what a complete and utter joke, and that is exactly how Terry will look on the world stage - an complete embarrasment.

I am a 20 something (non finance industry) professional whose indecision about leaving this island has just been made all that much clearer, so i suppose i can thank Terry's sheep for something at least!


I wonder who Nellie voted for.


God help us,Terry le Sueur, he and the politicians that voted for him have stabbed Jersey in the back, when will they ever listen to us the public. we have all had it now.

disapointed jsybean

OH MY GOD ! I can't believe it. What was the point of voting ? I won't bother next time as it's the same old same old, the old boys' network wins again. Agreed the choice was well limited but hey. One thing is for sure single parents and OAPs are doomed, the rich will get richer and the poor will get even poorer, shame on all you who voted him in.

Pink Panther

Not exactly a suprising result and this just goes to show how rigid the states are. The way the voting system operates is so behind the times and as usual the Jersey people don't have a say. The states members may want this chap in charge but let's face it a good 80% of us don't.

gino risoli

our government today has voted an accountant to the job of first minister. other than creative accounting which in my book sounds like cheating l personally not met an accountant that has inspired me. the latter tend to be expensive giving very little value for money. does that remind you of governments?


I'm not surprised, like most things that happen here, we dont have much if any influence really. But if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got........

futurist 2

Life enriching! Oh dear!


Is this a good advert for the need of party politics in Jersey? with a head person, we study each parties policies. We vote, the majority party gets in and the head person gets the top job (someone we have actually voted for). If the policies don't work, they get voted out at next election. At the moment we 50+ policies with staggered elections and no idea which one of them will end up as the CM or on the COM, so if I believe in Politican No 23 and vote him/her in and they do not get on the COM what happens to their policies? WHats happend to my vote?


What an utter travesty.. everyone who voted for change must feel cheated as do i, how on earth can we have this man head up the government of this island.This must surely be the time to get out of the island asap before the pack of cards comes crashing down.


Well unless Terry has been playing Claudius to Frank’s Caligula then we are in for a bit of a rough time. Unable to resist the temptation to mix metaphors the turkeys really have voted for Christmas this time.

Faced with what is an unprecedented financial crisis; a country that’s only remaining industry is finance has voted in Terry Le Sueur to fight its corner against the combined might of the Pope, the President of the United States of America and Her Majesty’s Government.

All of these parties want to see an end to Jersey’s finance industry and who are we going to put into the ring as our last hope of survival? Yes its ‘Super Tel’; absolutely marvelous, brilliant, great, smashing.

Lets face it; you could drop quallies to zero and only a fool (don’t worry rats with the brains to leave the good ship Jersey there are plenty) will buy a three bedroomed semi for half a million on an island which cannot even manage to sell a tomato to Tescos.

Unfortunately the post of Chief Minister is not some vanity sinecure for an aged politician; it is a vital role and Jersey is in a mess; on the inside there are more have nots than haves; from the outside to the rest of the world Jersey is a grubby, money grabbing old trollop.

Ask yourselves who in the international community is going to come running to our defence?

What has Jersey ever done for any other western jurisdiction except provide a place for their rich to squirrel away their nuts on the grounds of security and confidentiality?

Never mind Super Tel will make the nasty new president go away.


This was to be expected and 37 votes in favour were pretty conclusive. The left will have a tough time getting their own way by the looks of things. The Government can only move forward now, and perhaps it is about time people stopped attacking Terry Le Sueur on a personal character assassination level and started to actually grow up a bit.


The best result. somebody with a proven track record for taking tough decisions for the Islands future. Just because the naysayers on here disagree doesn't mean they speak for the public. you might not like it but you need him!


Why the doom and gloom, it was a foregone conclusion that he would be he next CM, of course his not popular, but he is the only one with the necessary experience, so we are just going to have to get used to it.


States do not care about orinary folks. I would like to renegotiate my ITIS tax rate - just as milioners can do... Well done jsy democracy


If only George Bush (Jnr) could get out of his responsibilities in the US and had run in the Chief Minister's elections. That way, we could have had another candidate that surpassed TLS in terms of indifference to the people, ineptitude and lack of skills in dealing with the media.

God help Jersey now and in the future.


Take Thailands lead take over the airport till they kick him out!


Well done States Members who voted Mr Le Sueur,

Common sense prevailed. The best man for the job won. It would have been a very sad day for Jersey if Mr Breckon would have been CM. This is the only way forward for Jersey, The new CM has got the guts and integrity to get the job done. CONGRATULATIONS Mr Le Sueur and all those who voted him in.

Mark G

Happy Christmas and a Misrable New Year.

They said the Titanic could not sink.........

Lets hope the ferry i am on stays a float as well.


Well done TLS, you are the best man for the job.


We're screwed really. it's a re run of the old boys' club and there was never any question that TLS wouldn't get it.

So...no recession? Obviously we'll be hearing that a ot more now, even when people are losing their jobs and the economy hits negative equity.

Disappointed In JSY

And so.... the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I do not know if Alan Breckon would have been better but TLS is going to give us more of the same. Jersey has been going downhill for a long time and it sadly now looks set to decend further. Those who voted for TLS are scared of change and at least taking a leap and trying a different approach. It is clear the Frank Walker way of doing things has only benefitted those with money, TLS was one of his sheep, so nothing will change.


Same as when Walker got the job, Who else could atempt the job who was willing ?

At least we will not play aruond with GST exemtions just target the needy instead !!


Democracy is dead. Not only do the public not get to vote for our own Cheif Minister but we are not even given the courtesy of knowing who the elected members voted for!!!! could we be treated with more contempt?

Proud Jerseyman

Congratulations to Senator Le Sueur and three cheers for the States members who voted for him!

Some have complained about the post Chief Minister not being put to a public vote, but in the current climate, with public opinion being so febrile, I believe that States members were the only body who could be trusted to elect the right candidate.

embarresed Jerseyman

Huh! i didnt need a crystal ball to see this coming.It would have been nice to see a revolutionary attitude prevail for once and have something different for a change.

Familiarity breeds contempt but you have to ask is this "really" what Jersey wants in charge of the island? If you practice habits of repetition you will always be what you always were.

Jersey is Decades behind and you cant help that think the reason being is that its run buy a dickension system.

Pip Clement

Having heard Terry le Sueur's wish list for members of the Council of Ministers on the radio this morning I cannot see anything inclusive or new about it.

There are the same old faces from the Walker years and the predictable new allies.

It is obvious that they will attempt to get the Esplanade Quarter through the States, they will resist GST exemptions on food again but probably lose that one.

As long as nothing goes wrong with finance and there are no significant job losses or a world recession they will be fine.

If things go wrong then they will have neither the experience or the policies to deal with it.

Ordinary Joe

With the ship heading for the rocks, I'm surprised the States gave the order "Steady as she goes".

Futurist 2

I predict the future!

My crystal ball says Ozouf will be the next chief minister after Le sewer goes in a while.

Are you getting the picture? Bet im right:)


Judging by the comments it's just as well votes like these aren't left to the public!


Well after the sven goran ericcson years with the enland footy team they made a big mistake in giving it to steve mcclaren..

The mistake being he was part of the old setup and this stopped the team from changing and moving forward...

So a new man had too come in, forward came capello a new drive with fresh ideas england are now a different team..

The same will apply to our government no doubt about it..


Jersey Taxpayer

Quote yesterday by Terry Le Sueur "some Members think that ministers are too secretive".

Only the very next day he is voted in as Chief Minister by - Yes you guessed it - by a secret ballot.


Well well, I've never seen so many (90% +) negative comments on an article here before, and it would be worse if predictably Sara and Bridget hadn't commented. This is no democracy.


Amazed at all the daft comments complaining about Le Sueur getting the vote (or perhaps not). How naive do you have to be to see that we need somebody with experience that can understand economics and the importance of how the finance industry works within this Island and on the global stage. I’m not saying the finance industry is the B & End All but it by far the major industry in this island an effects everybody in one way or another whether you like it or not!

To all those doom and gloom merchants who clearly think Breckon or similar would be better, you would clearly vote for any old nonsense with no substance. You have to live in the real world ie

In the UK

1. Council Tax approx 4 times you pay for

parish rates

2. Salaries far less

3. Job competition far higher and security

far less

4. Heath service – no comparison to Jersey

In Jersey

1. Quality of Life (taken for granted)

2. Crime level relatively low

3. Moaning a natural pastime - give life

a try in the UK or France perhaps (see

what real tax costs are)!!!

Grow up and stop fantasizing about some Utopia society that just does not exist despite what these idiots from the JDA and similar espouse

Leah Holmes

For those happy with the result... you may have wanted him in but the recent public poll clearly showed that a very large majority didn't! Nor did they vote him in. Rather, they voted for people who didn't even have the guts to admit that they would vote TLS for CM for fear of losing the public vote themselves, so even the candidates themselves were aware that TLS was not what the people wanted.

How can you call this democracy? Democracy in a nation is when the results of a vote show what the majority of the people wanted? That would be the people who pay the salaries of these very politicians, not foreign businesses with offices here, and not the people who are going to have to work directly alongside the CM and are brown-nosing for position within the States! Yes, street polls are notoriously dodgy, but they are less so than institution-instigated polls.

So you may be happy with this one result, but surely you would rather live in a true democracy than what you have in Jersey? Remember, next time it may not be the result you want. What will you be saying then?

Leah Holmes

Gordon, being from the UK I can assure you that what you say is not all true. In relation to London and Edinburgh maybe, not in relation to many very pleasant parts of the UK. I have lived in areas with less crime, better overall health, better salaries and better job security than Jersey and I'll be getting back there as soon as I can because at least I'll be governed by someone that my peers voted in! Kind of a critical point in a democracy.



yes we have got smaller rates bills and higher wages than the uk


the UK hasn't got small 3 bed semis for £500000,

and the UK hasn't got the high cost low choice food that we have got from our two supermarket chains

A Jerseyman

Calling 17 States Members...

Please stand and be counted, we want to support you, but how can we if we don't know who you are!!!


Thank you Leah for comment number 78-people like Gordon (number 76) love to say "in the UK" as if every part of it is the same.Having moved to rural England after living the first forty something years of my life in Jersey I am much better off here.My quality of life is better,I feel safe in my surroundings as our local crime rate is non-existent,the wide open spaces are fabulous and the option of seeing new places every weekend is great.When my husband and I read that TLS was the new Big Chief we laughed our heads off at the thought and thanked God we are no longer in Jersey.


'yes we have got smaller rates bills and higher wages than the uk


the UK hasn’t got small 3 bed semis for £500000'

Depends where you live. As Gordon implies, the UK is a very diverse place with relatively expensive as well as relatively cheap areas. Parts of London are more expensive and in places like Oxford and Bath 500000 does not get you far.

Anyway would you rather have Le Sueur or Gordon Brown?! Maybe things are not so bad!



1. Council Tax approx 4 times you pay for

parish rates

2. Salaries far less -

3. Job competition far higher and security

far less -

4. Heath service – no comparison to Jersey


1. So depends

2. I suspect that in the areas of the south east and in other parts, the salaries are higher

3. Perhaps in the current climate but again it depends where you are. Competition may be lower and security higher

4. Again some parts of the UK receive a great service on the NHS that is comparable with Jersey.

In other words - you can't stereotype the UK with one set of average statistics that reflect the whole country. What rings true in one area does not in another. Even in London you can't do that, certain areas have terrible crime and huge poverty and other are wealthier than Jersey and have low crime level.


how many of the above 79 used their vote


'A more transparent States, which will listen to the public', says the man elected in a Secret Ballot!?!? Was this written by George Orwell?

Bambi Woods

"...will listen to the public"

..and then ignore their views completely.

Case in point:- 19,000+ anti-GST signatures.

Le Sueur said he wouldn't care if 100,000 signed it, GST would go ahead.


Who voted in Gordon Brown???


My comments in relation to the UK are of course generalized and not a dig at any parts there off. I was making the point that so many people in Jersey seem to take for granted what they have here.

Good luck to people like Julie and Leah who have moved back to the UK, glad it's worked out for you and keep on laughing . .they say its the best form of medicine

re 19000 anti GST signatures. Of course there were! If somebody asks you do you want additional taxation yes or no..what on earth do you think people will reply.

PS please sign my petition.

Would you like two free flights to the UK a year? I bet I can get more than 19000 votes.. How to pay for it... hhhmmmmm. perhaps I'll just leave that off the form

Have a nice day

Leah Holmes

Gordon, unfortunately I've not moved back to the UK, I'm actually going to be moving here in January as my partner cannot currently leave the island. It looks somewhat a scary prospect now.

Joker; the UK voted in Labour! We still have Labour. We also knew when we voted in Labour that Gordon Brown was the most likely successor to Tony Blair. The constant criticism surrounding Gordon Brown 'not having been voted in by the people' is mostly coming from people south of the main UK border who are upset that a Scot is now in charge. They forget that Tony Blair is Scottish. It's petty and childish and these people shouldn't be given the air time they are getting for their bigoted nonsense.

We have the leader we voted in thanks.

And I would rather have Gordon Brown than TlS.

No Name

All that I can say is that in my dealings with him he has been forgetful and misleading - and that is just giving him the benefit of the doubt.

How absolutely ridiculous that Jersey cannot move forward. I despair for what is a beautiful Island with huge prospects...


Thanks Gordon for your good wishes. Just to make it clear though I have not moved "back" to the UK as I was born in Jersey and lived there all my life.My husband was born in the UK and until recent years was doubtful that he would return but the changes in Jersey,cost of living and boredom that we both had started to feel with living in such a confined space made us make a change.Happily it has all worked out but I feel sad for people who don't want to move away from their birth place but feel squeezed out by the way things are now on the island.

the future

We have gone from a Bush to a Reagan.


Leah... "I have lived in areas with less crime, better overall health, better salaries and better job security than Jersey". Where?


Leah – “…We also knew when we voted in Labour that Gordon Brown was the most likely successor…” Those that voted in the Ministers and Deputies had a good idea who they would vote for CM i.e. no real difference. However I would say that everyone should be able to vote for all Deputies rather than just those who live in the respective Parish.

P.s. I have no problem with GB, I was merely comparing the system.

Paul Revere

I think the comment on job competition and security is very true. We have heads of large trust companies over here who wouldn't even have got training contracts on the mainland.

Leah Holmes

Sorry Rexel, not going to advertise the fact... foreigners (but mostly wealthy English people) are already catching on and moving there at a rate of knots which just in the last two years has started forcing some of the young to not be able to buy houses there! The young are facing the same fate as Jersey youngsters where to get a job and house they have to leave the place they were born and raised due to rich incomers. Unfortunately as these places are governed by a British government there is no legislation to protect them from incomers (most of whom are buying second homes there thus destroying industry in the area, esp those buying working farms and then not operating them as farms)

Jersey has its own government and has the opportunity to protect its young and enable them to stay and raise their own families on the island... it is blessed in this respect, I wish my homeland was in the same situation! Jersey must realise this and make the most of the fact.


Leah - when rich people come in from the UK, the only property they buy is the 5/6 plus bedroom houses that are completely out of reach for 95% of the population anyway. Their presence does not stop locals getting on the property ladder, nor do theypush up prices. Do you imagine millionaires come over here to live in £190K one-bed flats - I think not!

As for Jersey's younger generation, they should be encouraged to leave Jersey for a few years. This will expose them to the outside world and they can gain more knowledge about what can be done - in Jersey we can be behind the times. Exposing them to the UK way of doing things, although not always better, will give them the competitive advantage when back in Jersey and make Jersey a stronger island. Maybe then, we will not need as many UK consultants coming in.


Leah - Cornwall or Devon perchance? Or have you found Norfolk! Unless of course you mean Kensington which has loads of Russian billionaires stopping the poor local sloanes from buying their 1 millions pad. lol!

Leah Holmes

Nick, you're about 7/8 hundred miles out.

Andrew, the Jersey people I know would disagree with you on rich people not upping house prices, many on This Is Jersey do too, I guess that's one debate that may never be answered. But remember that the rich don't have to be buying smaller houses to affect house prices over all. One the mainland you constantly see developments going up offering 4/5 bed houses, when the need is quite clearly for 2-bed houses and flats! The rich can go buy a second 4/5 bed house, as long as there are buyers these houses are built meaning less land available for 1/2 bed flats/houses, so they will cost more than they should due to lack of availability and ever increasing demand! And the fact that a one-bed flat can be £190k + shows the scale of the problem in Jersey.

Joker, I'm with you on the voting in all Deputies... that is far more democratic, but they should have to clearly state who they will vote for CM before their own elections. And fro other people's comments the potential deputies clearly avoided admitting who they would vote in as CM!

Frank's friend NOT!

Leah......why are you bothering coming to Jersey if you have so many negitive opinions about it? You should stay at home dear !


Reading the comments here it does indeed appear that the people's wishes have not been respected.

However, many people are just too busy making a living to read and contribute to articles during the day. The majority of people that I speak to don't sign petitions, or shout, or scream, they do vote and they are delighted that TLS is Chief Minister.

Jersey is facing a huge challenge and as former Treasury Minister he is prepared to make tough decisions without needing to win a popularity contest.

He doesn't need the job (many of our States Members would not earn 40k outside the States) and has given his time for the good of the island.

It is interesting that for all the ranting, no-one has come up with a qualified and suitable alternative!

Nellie Macon

I'm 51 - if that's old, so be it.

I am not huffing and puffing, my heart is bleeding for Jersey.

The moderates wanted Roy Le Herissier as CM and made this quite clear to the electorate whilst canvassing and definitely stated they would not vote for TLS at the hustings. Those that hedged the question were all TLS supporters.



The reason jersey is so expensive is because so many people want to live here,its called market economy. They want to live here for all the reasons Gordon quoted.

If you know somewhere better please live there, you will be making a contribution to the young of Jersey who want to live here.

Mind you if Goeff Southern ever got the top job Ide make my contribution too.

Pip Clement

One of the reasons Jersey is so expensive is because a lot of businesses realise that Jersey is not a market economy at all.

The population is a small captive market and if you do not want to pay their price you have the choice of personally importing the goods and paying a huge whack in shipping charges to the near monopoly shipping agents or doing without.


Roy Le Herissier was not wanted by the 'majority' to be the next CM, what utter rubbish. Maybe a few Time 4 Change people but thats it. We know who is pulling Jeremy's strings but now I wonder who is pulling yours?


I can only presume Nellie has finally lost the plot. The reason why TLS was elected is simply because he was the only man who could feasibly be regarded as competent. He has run his own (albeit small) business before and has been successful in one States department (SocSec) and passable at another.

Roy Le Herissier and Alan Breckon, on the other hand, don't appear to have any experience in management or business. To have elected them would have been madness.

And that's the point: in a democracy, the leader isn't necessarily the person that the people elect, its the person who can command the respect of the electors representatives.

And that is also why it is a pity that someone like Jeremy Macon has joined the States at an age when he should be getting some life experience. Because the idea of deciding, at the age of 21, to be a professional politician in Jersey, is, frankly, regarded by most right thinking people as beneath contempt. Who will employ the Macon boy in future, or will he, like Senator Syvret, become increasingly embittered and frustrated but financially unable to quit the chamber.


Leah - nowhere in the UK has lower house prices, less crime, better overall health, better salaries and better job security than Jersey. I get the feeling you just make stuff up to rant on here. And you don't even live in Jersey!

Captain wonky ear

Could be worse, we could all be living in Zimbabwe right now.

Nellie Macon

I did not say the majority of people in Jersey wanted Roy as CM.

The comment I was replying to was that "candidates should reveal who they would vote for as CM". The moderate candidates all did this. It was the TLS supporters amongst the candidates who generally did not.

The string pullers, after 6 weeks of canvassing weekends and every evening, are the electorate - which is exactly as it should be.

Obviously each parish reflects different views and they are perfectly entitled to do so.

St Saviour no.1 wanted a moderate CM and Roy was a good choice in their opinion, Simon was another acceptable choice but above all they did not want their candidate to vote for TLS.

Bruce Labey

Well said Pip.


I am not right sure as to why people keep on discussing "what might have been" and "why they voted secretly" etc. Does it really matter now?

TLS is our Chief Minister and thats that.